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rural health in odisha n.
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Rural Health in Odisha PowerPoint Presentation
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Rural Health in Odisha

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Rural Health in Odisha
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Rural Health in Odisha

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  1. Rural Health in Odisha

  2. How Do Rural Development Programmes In Odisha Assist The Rural Populace Since many decades now, social organisations and government of the state of Odisha have designed different ways to bring about growth and development of the people. There have been efforts to add growth to the rural set up, while providing them with basic amenities. Social organisations have been making efforts to bring about awareness among the people in rural areas about the rural developmentprogrammes in Odisha, which could benefit the people. This is seen as a major step towards boosting the growth in the villages, with ensuring that the best results are obtained in favour of the village people and improving the rural health in Odisha. •Safeguarding rural health in Odisha by improving their lifestyle and basic amenities

  3. Efforts directed towards rural development in Odisha have to be highly streamlined. In the midst of various rural development programmes in Odisha, there has to be proper attention given towards child and women health, along with provision of proper medical facilities. Most of the programmes being launched in Odisha are directed towards making sure that the population is able to take benefits from the schemes that have been launched and social workers and non-governmental organisations have ensured their proper implementation.

  4. To safeguard the health of the child and women, there are programmes launched for upliftment of rural health in Odisha. These programmes require awareness and active participation of the people. There should be proper implementation of the programs. The government authorities should also work in concert with the social workers to add the necessary assistances for the smooth planning, implementation and sustainable growth of the village people for the conditions to improve in Odisha’s rural areas. CONTACT US :- Bansidhar & Ila Panda Foundation IMFA Building, Bhubaneswar – 751010, Odisha, India Tel :+91 674 3051000 Email: