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Life Insurance Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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Life Insurance Introduction

Life Insurance Introduction

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Life Insurance Introduction

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  1. Life Insurance Introduction

  2. Life Insurance Introduction Introduction For Life Insurance

  3. Life Insurance Introduction • Life Insurance is the essential to good financial planning. On one hand, it safeguards your cash and also on the other, guarantees its growth, therefore providing you with full financial well being. Life Insurance can be described as an agreement between the policy proprietor and also the insurance firm, where the insurer for a consideration consents to pay an amount of cash upon the occurrence of the insured person's or individuals' death or other occasion, such as incurable illness, critical illness or maturation of the policy.

  4. Life Insurance Introduction The Different Types of Life Insurance Policies • Term Life Insurance • Endowment plans • Unit linked insurance plans (ULIP) • Whole life policy • Money back policy

  5. Life Insurance Introduction Term Life Insurance • Term plans are the most basic form of life insurance. They provide life cover with no savings / profits component. They are the most affordable form of life insurance as premiums are cheaper compared to other life insurance plans.

  6. Life Insurance Introduction Endowment plans • Endowment plans differ from term plans in one critical aspect i.e. maturity benefit. Unlike term plans which pay out the sum assured, along with profits, only in case of an eventuality over the policy term, endowment planspay out the sum assured under both scenarios – death and survival.

  7. Life Insurance Introduction Unit linked insurance plans (ULIP) • ULIPs are a variant of the traditional endowment plan. They pay out the sum assured (or the investment portfolio if its higher) on death/maturity.

  8. Life Insurance Introduction Whole life policy • A whole life insurance policy covers a policyholder over his life. The main feature of a whole life policy is that the validity of the policy is not defined so the individual enjoys the life cover throughout his life.

  9. Life Insurance Introduction Money back policy • A money back policy is a variant of the endowment plan. It gives periodic payments over the policy term. To that end, a portion of the sum assured is paid out at regular intervals.k policy

  10. Life Insurance Introduction