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DRSmart Biopsyneedles

National distributor of Gallini Biopsy needles, disposable automatic core biopsy needles, Chiba biopsy aspiration needles, soft touch spring loaded biopsy guns. We offer low prices and ship same day.

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DRSmart Biopsyneedles

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  1. DRSmart Biopsyneedles

  2. About DRSmart Biopsyneedles A DRSmart biopsy needle is the instrument used to obtain a tissue as specimen for microscopic examination to find out cases of malignancy in patients. To be able to enhance the precision of a biopsy sampling, it is necessary to have biopsy needle guidance systems to carry out a successful medical procedure. Any pain of the needle biopsy is easily alleviated with the use of anesthetic.

  3. Gallini Biopsy Supplies and Biopsy Needles Gallini Automatic Disposables Coaxial Disposable Guide Gallini Disposable Needles PAN Aspiration Needle Soft Touch Spring Loaded Biopsy Needles Westcott Biopsy Needles Disposable Automatic Core Biopsy Needles

  4. Gallini Coaxial® CO 13-11 Disposable Guide Gallini Coaxial® CO 13-5 Disposable Guide . There are two types of Coaxial® Disposable Guide Coaxial® Disposable Guide Price : $99.99 Price : $99.99

  5. Mail payments to: SmartSound Ultrasound Supplies3956 Town Center Blvd, #514Orlando, FL 32837 Phone: Main number:1-888DrSmart (377-6278) ext.801Or1-407-889-2222 ext. 801 Fax Number:1-407-889-2026 Email: Ultrasound Supplies Sales:Rudy@drsmart.com Ultrasound System Sales:Robert@drsmart.com

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