net surveillance dangers
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Net Surveillance Dangers

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Net Surveillance Dangers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Net Surveillance Dangers. By Shalonda Maple ITGS. Criterion A- Issue with the stakeholder. The Japanese government has monitored people’s computers to check for viruses. The government has sent people to jail for having viruses on their computers.

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net surveillance dangers

Net Surveillance Dangers

By Shalonda Maple


criterion a issue with the stakeholder

Criterion A- Issue with the stakeholder

The Japanese government has monitored people’s computers to check for viruses.

The government has sent people to jail for having viruses on their computers.

If the government has arrested one of your friends for sending out viruses, then they can do a twenty four hour surveillance on all their friend they showed information to.

relationship between stakeholder and it systems
Relationship between stakeholder and IT systems
  • The Japanese government wants to have surveillance over their people and their computers.
  • By the government wanting to have surveillance over the computers then they have to deal with the fact that people are going to do what they want and that there is going to be viruses that are spread.
  • The government needs to understand that their people are entitled to their own privacy. The people may feel as though they are being watched, which may alarm them and they may feel as though they are not fully being trusted.
  • If the people feel this way then the they may turn on the government and feel as though its not right.
This is the Japanese warning sign to stop computer viruses.

A Japanese man was arrested for writing a computer virus that replaced all the files on someone else’s computer with images of squids, octopuses, and sea urchins .

criterion b the it concept and process
Criterion B- The IT concept and process
  • The Japanese Government are wanting people to follow their guidelines and rules so they can be better protected.
  • They are not trying to interfere with others privacy, but since so many people are breaking the rules and practicing malicious behaviors then their only choice is to protect the ones that are actually trying to do right.
  • The government is very strict when it comes to their computers being crashed by viruses. If they feel like you are sending something, or doing something that could be malicious in anyway, then they have the right to punish you.
  • The idea of the whole concept that the Japanese are trying to get out to their people is that they should know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to using computers.
  • The Japanese government should ask people for their permission to view their web pages.
  • By the Japanese government asking for the people’s permission, then they may just respect them for asking and reason with them.
  • If the Japanese government respects their privacy, then the people might respect the governments procedures.
  • This might help the people get a better understanding about how serious the Japanese government is about the computers.
  • This could also help the government reach out to their people by forming a relationship. The government should be more informative when it comes to the people.