history of dv r kr lov nad labem n.
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History of Dvůr Králové nad Labem PowerPoint Presentation
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History of Dvůr Králové nad Labem

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History of Dvůr Králové nad Labem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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History of Dvůr Králové nad Labem. This is a part of Kohoutův dvůr (Cock's yard), where is the Municipal museum of Dvůr Králové). First mentions of the town.

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This is a part of Kohoutův dvůr (Cock's yard), where is the Municipal museum of Dvůr Králové)

first mentions of the town
First mentions of the town
  • People perhaps settled 1000 years ago on the crossroads of communication paths. Historians don't know exactly, when emerged name of the town „Curia“ („The yard“ in the latin). They're thinking there was some castle or yard. But documentary evidence didn't survive. Czech name „dwuor“ emerged in beginning of 15. century.

The flag and symbol of the town

dv r kr lov as dowry town
Dvůr Králové as dowry town
  • In 1392 czech king Václav gave Dvůr Králové as dowry town to his wife, queen Žofie Bavorská (Sophie Bavaria). So he reinforced his authority and relationships.
  • This is a picture from a book „Bible of Václav IV.“. Václav with his wife.
This is a statue of Jan Žižka in Prague.Hussites
  • The hussites led by Jan Žižka occupied the town in 1423 and when began battle of Lipany, as hussites lost. After the battle Zikmund Lucemburský became czech king and he gave the town to his wife Barbora.
dv r kr lov s manuscript
Dvůr Králové's manuscript
  • On 16th of September 1817 Václav Hanka founded manuscript in the church of saint John Baptist. It's a fake, but it was very important in time of revivaling of czech language.
austria prussian war and impacts for dv r
Austria-Prussian war and impacts for Dvůr
  • There was fighting directly in the town in this war. Dvůr was twice occupied by Prussia and after some time there was nursing injured soldiers.
  • This is memorial near the riverside of Elbe.
town in the first world war

Citizens had go to fight in the first world war, of course. And didn't come back 180 soldiers; 130 people dead and 50 is missing. After that people builded lot of memorial to men, whose dead for their country.

So Czech branched off Austro – Hungarian, what people wanted long time.

Town in the first world war
among wars
Among wars
  • When first world war finished, there was big economic crisis. But Czech standed it and Dvůr began prospering in industry (mainly in textile), and culture. A firm Josef Sochor builded many houses for their employees.
  • This is the first president of Czechoslovakia, T. G. Masaryk.
the second world war

After the Munich agreement (1938) Dvůr Králové became as part of Sudetenland.

German troops secured part of surrounds and when war started, Germany occupied czech land completely, so it began bad days for Czech people - Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. After the May uprising Germans must leave the town and surrounds.

The second world war
dv r kr lov today
This is one of oldest builds in the town – The church of saint John Baptist. Dvůr Králové today
  • The town is one big archeological deposit for now. Archeologists are founding lots of sceleton in the town and surrouding area, and they're often founding old ceramic. When they finish their work, it'll be a exposition in the Municipal museum, so why not visit it, right?
the end thank you for reading my presentation and i hope you weren t so bored
The EndThank you for reading my presentation and I hope you weren't so bored. :-)
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