Chapter 9
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Chapter 9. Chapter 9. Greener Hotels, Venues, and Vendors. Learning Objectives. How LEED-certified buildings can host successful greener meetings and events How to begin your greening process with your own office How the hospitality industry is working to provide greener hotels. Chapter 9.

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Greener Hotels, Venues, and Vendors

Learning objectives
Learning Objectives

How LEED-certified buildings can host successful greener meetings and events

How to begin your greening process with your own office

How the hospitality industry is working to provide greener hotels

Chapter 9

Learning objectives1
Learning Objectives

How sustainable convention centers, sports arenas, and theaters can support greener meetings and events

How to bring exhibitors at conferences and tradeshows into the greening process

How vendors of lighting, sound, special effects, linens, and other goods and services can support sustainable meetings and events

Chapter 9

Opening activity
Opening Activity

Present group dinner party menus.

What would be the perfect sustainable venue to host this event?

Chapter 9

Leadership in energy environmental design leed
Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)

Sustainable sites

Water efficiency

Energy and atmosphere

Materials and resources

Indoor environmental quality

Locations and linkages

Awareness and education

Innovation in design

Regional priority

Chapter 9

Greener hotels
Greener Hotels

Energy and water efficiency

Towel reuse program

Organic toiletries

Waste minimization

Chapter 9

Greener convention centers
Greener Convention Centers

Connect with local culture

Central location, linked to public transit

Working toward municipal environmental goals

Educate exhibitors on sustainability

Renewable energy options

Redistribution program

Willingness to work with clients to achieve sustainability goals

Chapter 9

Green bathrooms
Green Bathrooms

Chapter 9

Gerding Theatre features a 10,000-gallon underground cistern that harvest rainwater and redirects it for use in the toilets. Portland Center Stage’s performance season occurs during Portland’s peak rainy season, to make this rainwater available when it is in highest demand. Courtesy of the Portland Center Stage.

Outdoor venues
Outdoor Venues

Chapter 9

Pillars Organic Cafe used hay bales as furniture at The Big Tent.

Greener exhibitors
Greener Exhibitors

Chapter 9

Saffron Winds ( presented designer handbags made from reused mosquito netting at The Big Tent.

Fayre Earth Gift Shop presents colorful picture frames and accessories made from recycled paper.

Green lights
Green Lights

Chapter 9

Brazil! Brazil! performs with LED lighting at The Big Tent.

Melbourne convention and exhibition centre mcec
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

Check out

  • How is sustainability explained?

  • Who is their target market?

Chapter 9

Lightning round
Lightning Round

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Reverse osmosis (RO) plant

Worm bins

Chilled beams

Environmental art


Laser emitting diodes (LEDs)

Plasma lamps

Hydrogen fuel cell

Chapter 9


Choose a tourist bureau to represent at IMEX (

Design a sustainable exhibit to represent your destination as an ecotourist paradise.

  • Incorporate local culture of your destination.

  • Construct an environmentally friendly booth.

  • Plan for low-impact travel and shipping to IMEX.

Chapter 9