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Travel Vouchers PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel Vouchers

Travel Vouchers

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Travel Vouchers

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  1. Travel Vouchers • How you will get reimbursed for your expenses. • What form to complete and • What codes to use.

  2. DHS 1582-tv State Employee Travel Voucher The DHS form you will use for reimbursement looks like this. On the next few screens will be a description for completing it so you will get reimbursed.

  3. DHS-1582tv Personnel Data Let’s take a minute and focus on your personnel data so when you get paid it goes to the correct place. Enter your: Name, Address, City, State, and Social Security info. (Remember, that you have entered sensitive information on this form, therefore you will want to keep this form confidential as much as possible.)

  4. DHS-1582tv Work place and reason • The next section is your County Office Location. • Enter the county and Building Address. • In the Contact Box put your name: The Budget Office will need to contact you with any questions they have. • The Period should start with the first day of the month; or the 16th day of the month. • AHA 805 - Policy States: • Travel Periods Submitted By • 1 - 15 End of Month • 16 - End of Month 15th of Following Month • 1 - End of Month 15th of Following Month

  5. DHS-1582tv Work place and reason • Travel Advances are recorded here. • If you did not receive a travel advance, check no and continue. • If you have received one for this time period, check Yes and enter the amount. The Nature of the Official Business: Enter a brief description of the purpose of the travel.

  6. DHS-1582tv Travel Details The Travel Details section: We will walk through each column to assist you getting your reimbursement smoothly. The first item is whether or not your used a state car. If you did you will not be claiming mileage. If you used your own vehicle you will need to document that no state car was available to receive premium mileage. You may not receive reimbursement for using your personal vehicle if your local office has a policy of using state vehicles first. Check with your manager regarding this.

  7. DHS-1582tv Travel Details The Travel Details section: This example shows one week stay at a hotel for training. Notice each date is listed, but the Depart and Return columns show one entry for the week. Each date is listed for you to enter meals and other expenses incurred while in training. Some training that is more than one day, will have a hotel selected for the trainees to stay. You will receive a letter stating which hotel is to be used for that specific training. If you need to stay over night for training and you need to make your own hotel arraignments; you will only be reimbursed up to the state rate.

  8. DHS-1582tv Travel Details Mileage: These columns are used to record mileage for personal vehicles. The STD column means standard, this is the rate you will receive for driving your personal vehicle. You must document that no state car was available to receive premium mileage reimbursement. For either column you use, enter the complete miles for that day’s travel. Multiply this by the mileage rate. Enter that number here.

  9. DHS-1582tv Travel Details $ Meals Amounts Enter the actual amount of the meals cost that you are eligible for reimbursement while conducting state business, like training. You will need to have receipts for each meal according to the Standardized Travel Regulations, to be reimbursed. (See Section 6.3 page 6.) Enter the total amount of reimbursable meals in the correct column. The Other Expense column is for items such as parking. You will need receipts for these items as well. The totals will calculate in the daily totals. If it does not total automatically you can enter the totals manually.

  10. DHS-1582tv Enter the totals of each column here. Check your math, if the form calculated the totals, check it also. It is your money.

  11. DHS-1582tv Coding Entries The Appropriations Year column is for the two digit year the reimbursement is for. The Index and PCA columns are for accounting codes required for reimbursement. You will need to get the Index and PCA codes from your supervisor. If you are attending an OTSD training you may be able to get these codes from your trainer. Please ask them for these codes. Codes for Local Office reimbursement will need to come from your supervisor. The Amount column is the total for each Index and PCA code amount. If there are two different sets of codes, you may enter percentages.

  12. DHS-1582tv Signatures Complete the form with your signature. You will need your direct supervisor to also sign the form to receive reimbursement. Be sure to read the instructions on the second page of this form for details. Use the button link below to view the DMB site. DMB has links to current Travel Rates and Select Cities. View OLM AHA 801for policy regarding travel reimbursement. Department of Management and Budget

  13. Travel Vouchers • The End