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Mr Rabbit was a Rabbit..

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Mr Rabbit was a Rabbit.. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mr Rabbit was a Rabbit.. He loved sledging but he wasn’t very good at it and didn’t have any friends.

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Mr Rabbit was a Rabbit..

He loved sledging but he wasn’t very good at it and didn’t have any friends.

He went to the biggest hill he could find and sat in his new red sledge at the top of the very snowy hill. As he was so excited he pushed as hard as he could and loved the feeling of the wind rushing though his ears…


He didn’t think to check what was at the bottom of the big hill,

Little did he know, he had suffered from severe brain damage and had entered an ethereal state in which is capacity for interest in Physics was heightened.

At first.

He saw a strangely shaped show-flake fall right in front of his eyes, he had never seen a show-flake like this before

He decided that he wanted to know exactly how they formed!

He felt his body lift from the ground.

And he ran through the fields watching the snow fall…

Then more flakes began to fall .

He realised that the formation of these snowflakes must be due to a tiny dust or pollen particle typically 0.2µm coming into contact with water vapour high in Earth's atmosphere. The water coats the tiny particle and freezes into a tiny crystal of ice.

Hexagonal Crystals.

The molecules of water that form each tiny ice crystal naturally arrange themselves into a hexagonal structure. Mr Rabbit remembered that a hexagonal shape was six sided shape from Rabbit school.

  • The six-sided shapes of snowflakes comes from
  • the shape of water molecules, and how they
  • interact with each other in a solid state.Water molecules form hydrogen bonds
  • with each other that pull them into
  • A symmetrical hexagonal lattice
  • shape. This means that snow
  • Flakes only have sides that
  • are a multiple of 6.
Shapes due to Temperature.

Snow crystals growth depends on temperature and water vapuor supersaturation, however, it is temperature which will determine whether they will grow into plates or columns. At -2° C , snow crystals are predominantly plates, changing to needles and columns at -5° C. At -15° C they´re plates; however, at 30° C , they´re both columns and plates. At lower temperatures, columns predominate.

The end.

Mr Rabbit went to rabbit heaven the end.