north tampa outpatient surgical facility tampa surgery center l.
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Preoperative Surgery Care PowerPoint Presentation
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Preoperative Surgery Care

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Preoperative Surgery Care - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tampa Outpatient Preoperative surgery information, guidelines for the patients including food intake and medications to avoid.

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north tampa outpatient surgical facility tampa surgery center

North Tampa Outpatient Surgical FacilityTampa Surgery Center

Preoperative Care

pre op care
Pre-Op Care
  • Preparing patient prior to a surgical operation
  • Physical and psychological in nature
  • Help patients prepare well about the surgery and the effects of the same
  • Cater to individual patient based on their medical history
  • Focus on reducing the anxiety of a patient
  • Familiarizing patient with the environment to inculcate positive feelings

need for pre op care
Need for Pre-Op Care
  • Prepare well for post operative pain
  • Understand the medical procedures better
  • Reduce patient’s anxiety by providing appropriate information
  • Understand the pros and cons of the operation
  • Be well aware of the risks involved during the operation
  • Reduce surgery complications
  • Encourage quick recovery

physical preparation
Physical Preparation
  • Obtain patient’s details like:
    • surgical background
    • anesthesia background
    • medical history, family history, social history
    • allergies
  • Lab tests, ECG, blood count and x-rays related to the infected part
  • Define time line for the surgery and post operative care
  • Food and medicine intakes that are allowed
  • Equipment used should be ready

psychological preparation
Psychological Preparation
  • Understand patient’s concern
  • Answer patient’s honestly
  • Allow patient to bring or be with their close ones to cope better with the fear
  • Postpone the surgery till the patient feels secured and prepared
  • Arrange the room with light colors and minimal objects
  • Take patient’s feedback and preferences

contact us
Contact Us

Tampa Outpatient Surgical Facility – North

5329 Primrose Lake Circle

Tampa, FL 33647

Phone: 813-463-9762

Tampa Outpatient Surgical Facility – South

5013 N. Armenia Avenue

Tampa, FL 33603

Phone: 813-875-0562