microsoft outlook timesheet input integration synchronizing outlook appointments to your timesheet l.
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Binary Spectrum's case study about how to move your time information from Outlook appointment to client’s existing Timesheet by synchronization, streamline timesheet creation, submission, tracking and processing.

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. MICROSOFT OUTLOOK & TIMESHEET INPUT INTEGRATION Synchronizing Outlook Appointments to yourTimesheet

    2. MS OUTLOOK 2010 - TIMESHEET INPUT INTEGRATION OBJECTIVE: Move time information from Outlook appointment to client’s existing Timesheet by synchronization

    3. Functionalities

    4. Features An employee can : • Create Appointments in Outlook that will be sent to his/her Timesheet • Select one of the 2 display options for Add in Options. • Fill in the Timesheet data for unscheduled time for each work day. • Select the option to send the Timesheet data daily or Weekly on specific time. • Enter the Timesheet data for a new / existing appointment. • Create a multiday or recurring appointment and enter the time data. • Share the Timesheet data with appointment recipients. • Change the hours calculated from the start and end times of the appointment and also enter the overtime hours in Timesheet data. • Search the elements data by Find Control search icon or by dynamic search while typing. • Enter invalid elements in Timesheet data. • Edit the Timesheet data on the appointments from the update Timesheet Grid in Calendar view.

    5. Additional Features • A user can set the display options for the update Timesheet grid by selecting/deselecting, ordering and/or sorting the columns • A user can create zero time appointment in the calendar on the current day and at the current time by using Start day and/or End day button in Calendar view. • A user can drag selection of multiple adjacent cells in a single row or full single row and drop to another row • Once connected the data shall be validated and saved in Client’s database. In addition, user can open existing appointments and view/edit previously entered timesheet data. • It enables Client side trace logging capabilities • It is architected to support localization during and post installation • The deployment mechanism incorporates the automatic installation of the .NET Framework, .NET Programmability support and Visual Studio Tools for Office runtime through external sources if not located in the user’s system.

    6. Timesheet – Outlook Integration Workflow

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