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Healthcare Payer Software Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Healthcare Payer Software Solutions

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Healthcare Payer Software Solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Binary Spectrum's Healthcare solutions helps heatlhcare payers to increase business performance and integrate business processes for medium and large sized organizations.

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HEALTHCARE PAYER SOFTWAREAddressing the Needs of Payers and Plantingthe seeds for a Simplified Future

healthcare payer software
Healthcare Payer Software
  • Automating various requirements of Health Maintenance Organizations
  • Specific requirements blended with our technical expertise to provide the best personalized solutions
  • Experience in providing payer solutions to medium and large sized organizations
payer software solutions
Payer Software Solutions

We provide the following Payer Solutions:

  • CRM Solutions
  • Medical Research Administration
  • EDI Solutions
  • Online Analytical Processing Solutions
  • Web Portal
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Reporting for CMS and Sponsors
case studies crm
Case Studies: CRM
  • The Task:

To develop an organized process that well defines the Medicare members’ enrollment procedure into the HMO.

  • The Solution:

CRM for managing campaigns, events, leads and enrolling Medicare members

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case studies mra
Case Studies: MRA
  • The Task:

To develop a system wherein the details of the member’s healthcare risk assessment is done and reviewed in a structured and user friendly manner.

  • The Solution:

Medical research administration for Medicare members

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case studies edi
Case Studies: EDI
  • The Task:

To develop an application that would help in loading EDI claims, remittance, enrollment / disenrollment eligibility and various kinds of payments into the HMO’s database.

  • The Solution:

EDI: Business to Business Platform for Bulk Transactions

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case studies olap
Case Studies: OLAP
  • The Task:

To create and deploy Cubes that would help to provide filtering, grouping and labeling of data in a data warehouse.

  • The Solution:

OLAP created out of cubes to help in business analytics

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case studies portal
Case Studies: Portal
  • The Task:

To develop a portal that serves as a platform in providing global information about the client.

  • The Solution:

Managing website portal with regulatory content for compliance

  • Read further details:
case studies hra
Case Studies: HRA
  • The Task:

To develop an application that focuses on the primary phase of maintaining the member’s database by collection of data through enquiries.

  • The Solution:

Heath Risk Assessment application used extensively for the purpose of maintaining primary health concerns of a new member

  • Read further details:
case studies reports
Case Studies: Reports
  • The Task:

To design an application that acts as a valuable reporting interface between the client and its various kinds of vendors.

  • The Solution:

Standard reports for CMS and sponsors

  • Read further details:

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