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SmallSteps4Life Programme PowerPoint Presentation
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SmallSteps4Life Programme

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SmallSteps4Life Programme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SmallSteps4Life Programme

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  1. SmallSteps4Life Programme SmallSteps4Life Eat Well Feel Good Olympic Value Getting Active

  2. SmallSteps4Life Programme • SmallSteps4Life is a programme to help young families especially to get active and have a better and healthier lifestyle. • SmallSteps4Life encourage the younger people to have a happier and more active lifestyle. HOME

  3. Olympic Values • FRIENDSHIP. • SmallSteps4Life promotes the value of friendship by encouraging families and friends to work together to get a healthier lifestyle. It gives one another support and to understand each other despite any differences. HOME

  4. Getting Active Getting Active is important to burn off excess fats that can potentially harm you if the fat builds up. Getting active also reduces stress and depression levels as well as increasing stamina and concentration! • My data findings show that 40% of the students I surveyed only spent an hour a week doing physical activities. However, the majority of the students would rather take part in an activity with their friends. GET ACTIVE CHALLENGE! Try to take part in 3 or more small activities a week with your friends! Why not go to the gym together? Go for a swim! HOME

  5. Eat Well Eating Well is vital to be able to live a healthier life. It gives the much needed energy we require; vegetation such as fruits can also be an alternative to medicines! People who don’t eat well are most likely to get serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes! • My findings showed that the students I interviewed mostly prefers processed foods such as chicken nuggets. This shows how most young people prefer foods which is really bad for your healthy especially if you’re young. EAT WELL CHALLENGE: Why don’t you try to replace some of your snacks step by step with healthier options and record for how long you can keep it up for! HOME

  6. Feel Good Feeling Good helps to keep off those nasty pessimistic thoughts that sometimes stop you from grabbing opportunities. Feeling Good also spreads around a group quickly so the more you smile the happier your friends will be! • My survey shows that 15/20 students prefer to do activities with their friends and feeling good was thought to be important to have a happy life. FEEL GOOD CHALLENGE: Organise events to do new activities with your friends to take your minds off stress and worries to keep the smile-o-meter at a high! HOME