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UNITEX HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. ( tel /fax +38 044 531-14-77). U NITEX H UMAN R ESOURCE M ANAGEMENT –. necessary assistant in HR-management of your enterprise helps to control all paperwork and to create documents according to the law of your country

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necessary assistant in HR-management of your enterprise

helps to control all paperwork and to create documents according to the law of your country

provides flexible settings for the needs of every enterprise +38 044 531-14-77)

versions of product
Versions of product:

Uniteh HRM StandardEditionfor companies that consist of one legal entity

Uniteh HRM EnterpriseEditionfor companies that consist of several legal entities, with central system of management and reporting +38 044 531-14-77)


creating, processing, saving of personnel documentation;

various types of search and possibility to upload results to Excel;

creation of statistic reports;

personnel schedule administration, according to the hierarchical structure of the enterprise;

timesheet recording;

planning and control of leaves on the enterprise;

planning study of personnel;

wide range of reference materials;

administration of different access rights to parts of the system; +38 044 531-14-77)

structure of the program
Structure of the program

System consists of 6 modules:

- Enterprise(company)

- Cards

- Documents

- Leaves

- Timesheet

- Personnel study management +38 044 531-14-77)

Structure +38 044 531-14-77)

enterprise work with structure of the company
Enterprise(work with structure of the company)

formation of the organizational structure of the company;

structural department cards;

position cards according to profession classification;

automation of personnel schedule according to the hierarchical structure of the company;

creating reference information about free vacancy;

flexibilitywhen creating organizational structure of the company;

creating orders about changes in the personnel schedule of the enterprise;

opportunity tolead HR reserve of employees; +38 044 531-14-77)

enterprise card
Enterprise card +38 044 531-14-77)

cards recording and diverse search of employees data
Cards(recording and diverse search of employees data )

cards for personalized employees’ accounting;

cards of disabled, retired employees;

cards of employees that work under the contract;

creating e-variant of employees’ records of service;

automation of calculations of employment history;

displaying the employee’s appointments information;

information about business trips;

creating letters of disability;

operative search through the filter-browser systemand possibility to upload results to Excel; +38 044 531-14-77)

personal card
Personal card +38 044 531-14-77)

documents creating saving and diverse search through personnel documentation
Documents(creating, saving and diverse search through personnel documentation)

Automatic creation of orders and other documentation;

After creation of administrative documentation, changes in the database are made automatically;

Users are prevented from making mistakes, because of the system of blocking non-logical operations and warning user about mistakes; +38 044 531-14-77)

main types of documents supported by system
Main types of documents , supported by system:

Employees accounting documentation

Administrative documentation

Reference documentation

Report documentation

Other documentation +38 044 531-14-77)

employees accounting
Employees accounting

Personal card, with the list of all documentation, related to the employee.

Documents, where the balance of annual and additional leaves is calculated.

Document, where records of employees’ experience are kept.

Records about rewarding and certification.

Certificate of employment.

Document, where records about employees’ education are kept.

Disability letters.

Document with business trips accounting. +38 044 531-14-77)

administrative orders
Administrative orders

Order about a reception on job.

Order about transfer to another job.

Order about discharge from job.

Order about giving a leave.

Order about recall from leave.

Order about holding of more than one appointment.

Order about work during the weekend.

Arbitrary order.

Order about rebuke.

Order about prolongation of labour contract.

Putting in new posts to the personnel schedule.

Withdrawal of posts from the personnel schedule.

Order about business trip.

Order about changes to the work order.

Order about assignment to the education.

Order about giving rise in wages.

Order about change of the surname. +38 044 531-14-77)

reference documents
Reference documents


Types of leaves.

Categories of military ranks.

Types of military forces.

Groups of military ranks.

Types of transfers to another job.

Profession classification.

Types of specialities.

Personnel categories.

Types of acceptance for employment.

Types of positions.

Subdivision types. +38 044 531-14-77)

report documentation
Report documentation

Report about the availability of vacancies;

Report about employees’ discharge;

Report about the employment of disabled;

Report about the number of employees, quality structure and professional education;

Report about given leaves;

Report about the use of working hours; +38 044 531-14-77)

other documentation
Other documentation

Personnel schedule.

Reference about the availability of vacancies.

Contract about full material liability.

Contract about collective material liability.

Identity cards.

Document about structure and personnel quantity. +38 044 531-14-77)

order creation
Order creation +38 044 531-14-77)

leaves planning emloyees leaves
Leaves(planning emloyees leaves)

planning leaves of employees;

creating leaves schedule in the subdivisions and the enterprise in the whole;

automatic calculation of the vacation days that remain, according to the law;

automatic creation of report about leaves;

automatic representation of information about given leaves after the actualization of the order about giving a leave; +38 044 531-14-77)

timesheet creating saving and diverse search of documentation about the usage of working hours
Timesheet(creating, saving and diverse search of documentation about the usage of working hours)

keeping books of hours worked by the employees;

automatic creation of timesheet of worked hours in subdivisions;

automatic creation of reports about the usage of working hours;

representation of information about the hours worked in the subdivisions of the enterprise for the stated period of time;

automatic change of the employee’s timesheet for the period of disability, according to the information inserted to the disability letter;

automatic change of the employee’s timesheet for the leave period or after the changes of the working schedule, according to the appropriate order; +38 044 531-14-77)

personnel study management diverse actions with information about personnel education
Personnel study management (diverse actions with information about personnel education)

directing data base of educational centers, enterprise cooperates with;

reference information about educational centers (course types, their cost etc.);

creating schedule of employees’ education;

keeping books of conducted courses;

keeping books of courses attended by employee;

information about the grades of employee and the evaluation of course by the attendant;

creating reports on the personnel education, according to the user’s query; +38 044 531-14-77)

user roles
User roles

UHRM has a flexible subsystem of access permissions through the system of user’s roles. Right’s distribution is realized in order to limit access of users to the subsystems of the program, according to their user functions. +38 044 531-14-77)

unitex human resource management

We work for you! +38 044 531-14-77)