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Instagram Tips And Tricks That You Should Know

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Instagram Tips And Tricks That You Should Know - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Use these Instagram tips and tricks to boost your skills, share your best photos, and get noticed on Instagram. There are tips for newbies and experienced instagrammers.

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Instagram Tips And Tricks That You Should Know

Many of us use Instagram every single days. Whether you are a new starter or an experienced user,

there may be some Instagram tips or tricks that you haven't been aware of. So this post is going to

introduce to you the tips and trick that you should know to take your Instagram game to the next


No.1 Edit Photos via Instagram Without Posting

Amazing filters and editing ability is one of many reasons why we love Instagram. So there are times

when you just want to use Instagram as photos editors without posting the photos. How can we do

that? Here is the trick.

Step 1 Make sure you have turned on "Save Original Photos" on the settings of Instagram. The

feature will save the photos that you have edited or filtered with Instagram.

Step 2 Turn on "Airplane Mode" on your device.

Step 3 Go ahead to edit photos like you do when posting photos: choose a photo from your phone,

add a filter, adjust the brightness and more. After you have the perfect edition of the photo, click

"Next" > "Share." It shows that you have failed to post the photo, but you can find the edited photos

in your Photos app.

No.2 Keep in Touch with New Feed From Favorite Posters

Want to be first one to like or comment the newest post of your favorite people? This tip will be

extremely useful. You can get notification once the person posts new photos.

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Click "..." on the right of the poster's name. On the pop-up window, choose "Turn On Post

Notifications". Then every time he/she has a new post, you'll be informed.

But some users report that they are unable to get notification after enabling the feature. That's

probably because your phone haven't been allowed to get notifications from Instagram app. To solve

the problem: tap "Settings" > "Notifications" >"Instagram" > turn on "Allow Notifications."

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No.3 Hide the Filter You Rarely Use

Instagram now provides 40 different filters but most of us have our preferences and use one or

several filters frequently. It will be more convenient for us to choose the filter if we have hidden the

filters that we don't like.

When adding a filter, slide to the end of the filter options and choose "Manage", where you are able

to check or uncheck the filters. The unchecked filters will not appear on the filter options.

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No.4 Hide Your Tagged Photos

When someone tags you in a photo or video, you can see the tagged photos on the "Photos of You"

section of your profile. But you might not like the photos. Luckily, we have tricks to remove 聽 the

tagged photos.

You may hide the tagged photos from your profile. When looking through your tagged photos,

click "..." icon on the top right of the screen and choose "Photo Options" > "Hide From Profile" .

Or you may add photos into your profile manually. Go to "Photos of You" section, click "..."icon,

and choose "Tagging Options". From the options, select "Add manually", in which way the tagged

photos show in your profile only when they have been added.

Note: You still get notifications once people tag you in a photo or video.

No.5 Send Photos to Others

To send a new photos, after editing the photos, instead of clicking the "Share" button, you tap

"Direct" on the top right and choose people you want to send photos to. Click "Send" button, the

photo will be sent to the chosen people privately.

To send a posted photos, you first find the photo on your profile. Tap on the photo, you'll find the

"Send" button under the photos, click it and choose the people you want to send photo to.

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No.6 View Posts Selectively

To only view the posts you've liked, open the "Option" page on your profile, and choose "Posts

You've Liked", where all the posts you've liked are stored. You may view the liked photos only or

the original posts.

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To view the posts that is liked by people you are following, click the heart icon, from the

"Following" section, you will see the recent activity of the people you are following, including the

posts he/she has liked or commented on.

Now put these tips and tricks into practice to level up your Instagram game. If you find this post

useful, share it with your friends. If you have secret trick not mentioned in the post, you're welcomed

to share it below.

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