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How to Recover Lost Photos from OnePlus One PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Recover Lost Photos from OnePlus One

How to Recover Lost Photos from OnePlus One

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How to Recover Lost Photos from OnePlus One

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  1. FonePawAndroid Data Recovery How to Recover Lost Photos from OnePlus One People may desire to OnePlus phone because of the high cost performance, large screen and the good-looking design of the device. Storage comes in at either 16GB or 64GB. And it is the fact that there are a large number of users have to delete some photos or other files on the OnePlus One because of the small storage capacity. But after you delete your photos, you may find out that those photos are very important for you. Now you are stuck in how to recover deleted pictures! Are you one of them? Is the photo recovery always a problem for you? FonePaw Android Data Recovery can help you a lot. This kind of software can recover photos perfectly saved on your device. No matter the photos you took or the ones you got from Internet. But please make sure your Android device can be detected by a computer, and the battery > 20%. Part 1: Recover Deleted Photos from OnePlus One Step 1. Download FonePaw Android Data Recovery and Run it First of all, please download the software. You will get 30 days for free trial before purchase. But it would be better to get a register version so that you can use all the functions. Then run the Android Data Recovery on your computer. Step 2. Connect your OnePlus One Phone to PC Please connect your device to your computer via USB cable. But you need to enable the USB Debugging, then drag down the dropdown menu for USB option and choose "MTP" mode. FonePaw Technology Limited 1

  2. FonePawAndroid Data Recovery Step 3. Choose the Photo Files and Scan Please look at the page on your computer, choose "Gallery" and "Picture Library". Camera images, transferred images from PC and other devices are stored in Gallery, while cache images are in Picture Library. Then click "Next". The software will scan all the photos took by the phone, transferred from PC or via Bluetooth, screenshots and the cache images. FonePaw Technology Limited 2

  3. FonePawAndroid Data Recovery Step 4. Allow the Software to Scan FonePaw Android Data Recovery is required to get privilege to scan more lost files. If you can see a pop-up window on your device, please click "Allow/Grant/Authorize". If there are not, please click "Retry" to try again. FonePaw Technology Limited 3

  4. FonePawAndroid Data Recovery Step 5. Restore Deleted Photos from OnePlus One When the scan is finished, please click "Gallery" or "Picture Library" at the left pane, you can preview all the thumbnail photos including the deleted ones. FonePaw Technology Limited 4

  5. FonePawAndroid Data Recovery Step 6. Check the Result You can check the lost photos on your computer and they are kept in different files according to the formats. FonePaw Technology Limited 5

  6. FonePawAndroid Data Recovery Part 2: Some Problems You May Come Across 1. When connecting device to PC, your device maybe not recognized. The reason maybe: 1) USB debugging is not enabled. It is always the first operation you need to do. 2) Device driver is not matched. Please make sure the right driver installed in your computer. 3) Forget to choose USB option. Please choose the "MTP" mode so that your device can be detected. 2. It may take you some time when scanning. If you have a plenty of photos on your device, the software need to detect all the photos, so it is normal to cost some time. Please wait patiently. 3. Some users have no ideas where the exported photos are. The pictures are all recoverable in .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .webp, .tiff and other formats. They have been stored as file types on your PC. If you don’t change the file path when you recover, just go to the C:\Users\Documents\FonePaw\FonePaw Android Data Recovery\ OnePlus One of your computer to check! So, isn't it very easy to restore deleted photos from your device? Photo recovery is not a trouble anymore. Actually, this is not the only function FonePaw Android Data Recovery has. It can recover almost all the deleted files on your android phone. How great it is, right? FonePaw Technology Limited 6