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Extended Connectivity Test Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Extended Connectivity Test Overview

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Extended Connectivity Test Overview

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Extended Connectivity Test Overview

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  1. Extended Connectivity Test Overview July 9th, 2013

  2. Agenda • Overview of Market Trials Connectivity Test • Scope of Market Trials Connectivity Test • Connectivity Test Preparation • Connectivity Test Execution • Market Trials Connectivity Test Key Dates • Communications Plan • Connectivity Testing Useful Documentation

  3. Section 1.0 Overview of Market Trials Connectivity Test

  4. Market Trials Timeline • Market Trials is intended to validate that SPP and Participant systems, processes, and staff are able to operate in alignment with Integrated Marketplace Protocols. • Market Trials serves as the Participant Integration Test Stage utilizing the following Participant test sub-stages:

  5. Objectives of Connectivity Test • Verification of technical connectivity between SPP and Participants including digital certificates, XML listeners, and firewall access • Exercise the programmatic interfaces between SPP and the Market Participant as part of functional operations • Verification of Participant access to the participant user interfaces for SPP systems (the Marketplace Portal and the homepage for each Production UI). • Successful completion of Connectivity Testing provides a measure of both SPP and Participant readiness for the Structured Test Sub-Stage of Market Trials

  6. Section 2.0 Scope of market Trials connectivity test

  7. Components in Scope • Certificates • Marketplace Portal • Day-Ahead / Real-Time Markets • TCR (i-HEDGE) System • Settlements • Outage Scheduler (CROW) • OATI applications • webTrans • Ramp Reservation System (RRS) • RTO Scheduling System (RTOSS)

  8. Components Out of Scope • Energy Management System (EMS) • ICCP • Replicated Data Server (RD Server) • Model Change Submission Tool (MCST) • OATI Applications • OASIS • Reserve Sharing System (RSS) • e-Tag • OPS1 • Transmission Settlements • Request Management System (RMS)

  9. Section 3.0 Connectivity test preparation

  10. Connectivity Test Preparation Timeframe & Details • Connectivity Test Preparation occurs over 4 weeks from July 8th – August 2nd • During this timeframe Market Participants prepare for Connectivity Test through the following activities: • Complete the Connectivity Test Checklist • Initiate Local Security Administrator (LSA) and User/Application Certificate Setup. • Exchange Notification Certificates and Market Participant Listener URLs with SPP(if applicable) • Request Access to OATI WebTrans and CROW (if applicable)

  11. Complete the Connectivity Test Checklist • Allows SPP to understand each Market Participants intentions for the Integrated Marketplace and therefore how each company should be tested. • Systems Access • Access Method • Once populated the checklist will identify each Market Participants Test Execution Plan. • Before August 2nd, please submit to SPP via the Request Management System (RMS) • Checklists templates are available on

  12. Initiate LSA and User Role Configuration • LSAs are to configure their user’s roles for the Integrated Marketplace via the Integrated Marketplace Portal • LSA User Role Job Aid • Portal Application User Role Reference Guide • LSA & User Role Setup Lessons Learned • Strongly encouraged to work with your LSA as soon as possible to establish user roles. • Establish the roles for those users that will be performing the Connectivity Testing first.

  13. Initiate LSA and User Role Configuration • LSA & User Role Setup Recommendations • Markets Systems • Financial Only Players • Virtual Bid/Offer Read-Write • Markets Read-Only (optional) • Transaction Log Read-Only (optional) • Settlements System • Financial Only Players • Avoid Meter Agent Roles • iHEDGE System (TCR) • Read/Read-Write Only • Direct further questions to SPPs Request Management System (RMS)

  14. Exchange Notification Certificates and Market Participant Listener URLs • Markets Notifications (if applicable) • Provide the following URLs to your Notify Services via RMS before August 2nd. • Settlements Notifications (if applicable) • URL registration is done via the Settlements User Interface and will be completed during test execution. • Server Certificates (if applicable) • Attach your server certificate in a RMS ticket in the following format • .p7b is the preferred format. • OR .cer is acceptable as long as it is the root certificate

  15. Request Access to OATI WebTrans and CROW • OATI WebTrans/RRS/RTOSS (if Applicable) • Request access via RMS before August 2nd. • Please use the ‘Marketplace Market Systems’ Quick Pick • CROW (if applicable) • Complete the Crow Access Request Form before August 2nd. • Submit completed form to • Details surrounding user roles can be found within the CROW Web GUI Tutorial.

  16. Section 4.0 Connectivity test Execution

  17. Connectivity Test Execution Timeframe & Logistics • Timeframe: • Connectivity Test Execution occurs over 4 weeks from August 5th – August 30th. • Logistics: • Tests executed are determined by what tests are deemed applicable by the MP in their Connectivity Test Checklist • Market Participants will be assigned a week during the test execution timeframe to perform their testing. • Weekly test execution assignments will be provided by July 26th. • Tests are performed independently during the assigned week- no appointment needed. • Test results will be communicated within the Connectivity Test Checklist and submitted via RMS by the end of each MPs Test Execution week • Issues with test execution will be handled via RMS. SPP Test Appointments will be provided only on an as needed based.

  18. Section 5.0 Market trials connectivity test key dates

  19. Key Dates For New Market Participants

  20. Section 6.0 Communication plan

  21. Communications Plan • Connectivity Test Inquiries: Please use the Request Management System (RMS) and select the ‘Market Trials - Data Exchange Certification’ Quick Pick for all Connectivity Testing inquiries • Customer Relations & General Inquiries: Please use the appropriate RMS Quick Pick, email or contact your Customer Relations Representative • Email Distribution: SPP will distribute information related to Connectivity Testing through the Market Trials Liaison distribution list and RMS. • Structured Market Trials Conference Calls • Next Occurrence: July 12th, 2013.

  22. Section 7.0 Connectivity testing Useful Documentation

  23. Connectivity Testing Useful Documentation • Connectivity Testing Market Trials Folder: • All pertinent information related to Connectivity Testing can be found here. • Connectivity Test Checklists • Provides the MP/SPP with a clear understanding of what needs to be tested during Extended Connectivity Testing. • Portal Application User Role Reference Guide • Provides details behind the various user roles of the Integrated marketplace Systems • Connectivity Test Instructions • Provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform all API test cases that could be tested during the Connectivity Test Phase.

  24. Connectivity Testing Useful Documentation • Market Trials Connectivity Dashboard • Web-based tool that serves as primary source for accessing MPs' progress against Connectivity Test metrics. • Market Trials Known Issues Log • Provides details on issues as they impact the Market Trials. • Known issues impacting Connectivity Testing will have a Market Trials Sub-Stage of ‘Market Trials – Data Exchange Certification’ • Release Scorecard - Connectivity Test • Provides the current functioning status of each test case on the Connectivity Test Checklist. • Marketplace Change Tracker • Provides details surrounding any changes made to WSDLs/XSDs that impact Market Participants