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Tips to Improve Your Selling Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips to Improve Your Selling Skills

Tips to Improve Your Selling Skills

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Tips to Improve Your Selling Skills

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  1. Welcome to In-House Training

  2. What is “SELLING” ? Selling is an act in completion of a commercial activity. Selling is the way that you help customers to buy products and services from your business. You need to be able to meet the needs of your customers and provide value for money

  3. What is “SELLING” ? The selling process makes up part of the overall marketing process. The selling process involves Creating a relationship with customers, Identifying the customer's needs and wants, Providing possible solutions that meet their needs and wants and Closing the sale. It may also involve ongoing management of the buyer and seller relationship.

  4. Types of “SELLING” ? There are a number of common selling techniques that businesses can utilise to meet the needs of their customers. This includes:

  5. Types of “SELLING” ? Direct selling Retail selling Agency selling Telesales Door to door selling Business to business selling Business to government selling Mail order selling Online Selling

  6. TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SELLING SKILLS It takes practice to sell successfully over the phone or in person and YOU need a stellar (Outstanding) sales pitch to capture customers

  7. When YOU are making calls, YOU must attract the customer’s interest in the first TWENTY seconds of the call. • "...As early as possible, YOUwant to smoothly qualify this individual as a prospect without causing him or her to say, Thank you. • YOU must remember that the prospect is thinking "I don't want this" and your job is to reverse this thinking."

  8. Get to the point • YOUhave less time than of a TV spot to establish a connection • From the moment the buyer picks up the phone, YOUhave 20 seconds to “Reduce Tension and Create Interest" • YOURnumber-one aim should be to “Rapidly Create Curiosity" and lessen anxiety.

  9. Don't be too rigid • A natural script may sound like an oxymoron but a well-sculpted script can flow organically. • The reason a canned script sounds so stiff is because the PERSON delivering it, did not write it

  10. Be a movie star • When YOUwatch a good actor in a movie, YOUdon't think of him reading lines. • A talented actor nails his part; the words sound natural, and there's no evidence of a scripted performance. • "That's what Sales Superstars do, too,"

  11. Learn it, Live it, Love it • YOUmust "know the script cold" to prevent fumbling from point to point. • YOU should practice reading the script aloud, rather than just to themselves, until it sounds like YOUR own style of speaking

  12. Skip Trite Language • When YOUstart a conversation with the threadbare "How areYOUdoing today?" • The phrase is clichéd, and everyone hears it as a signal for a sales call. Instead, try "Can YOUspare a minute?"

  13. Don’t Hush up • Don't be in such a rush to deliver your message that the prospect cannot get a word in. • Though you're working from a script, A sales call is a dialogue, Not a monologue

  14. Analyze your fear • Fear is simply an anticipation of negative results. • Once YOUunderstand this, YOUcan turn the adrenaline fear produces into a positive motivator. Rather than thinking about the rejection YOUmight experience • Think about the potential business YOUcould gain by making the call. • Think of the incentives YOUwill get

  15. Know What The Prospect Wants • Prospects aren't interested in what your product or service is (its features); • They're interested in what it will do for them (its benefits). • That's why it's critical you talk in terms of benefits. • Will your product or service help the prospect make a profit, reduce costs, save time, improve productivity or attract more customers?

  16. YOUcan get prospects to open up--and you'll achieve a more Powerful, Effective and Efficient method of making the sale by following the "D-E-F" Formula

  17. DDDDDDDDD • It's all in the DETAILS. • This makes you different from all the rest? • It could be paying attention to detail. • That attention could be really listening to what the prospects is saying, or it might even be sending a thank-you note after the call.

  18. Ask your prospects "What's the greatest challenge you're facing right now?" • Many times, their answers, such as "Finding a more economical way to ship my product," will tell YOUa great deal about their businesses. • Sometimes, you'll get answers that have nothing to do with their businesses, like "Getting rid of my back pain. • " Whatever the answer, inform him and say "Hope this helps”, “Speak to YOUsoon." After that, YOUcan bet you'll be the one marketer they're happy to speak to

  19. EEEEEEEEE • Second only to product knowledge, the most important asset YOU can have is ENTHUSIASM • When YOUbelieve in your product, your prospects believe in it, too. • They trust that YOU know what you're talking about

  20. FFFFFFFFF • YOUhave probably heard these objection : “We're not interested” “We don’t want the Chinese products” “It's too expensive” “We're happy with our present product”

  21. FFFFFFFFF YOUcan't argue with any of these points; as soon as YOUdo, YOULOSE. That's when YOUshould use the tried and true “FEEL, FELT, FOUND" method.

  22. FFFFFFFFF • When YOU hear an objection, Pause and let it Sink in. Don't rush to answer. • Listen carefully, then empathize with your prospect by saying • "I understand how YOU feel" or • "I can appreciate that."

  23. FFFFFFFFF • Then build on the success you've had with other customers by saying • Many of my present customers felt the same way. But when they found out how much time they saved using our system, they were amazed. • I'd like to find out whether we can do the same for YOU."

  24. FFFFFFFFF • This method has been used over and over—AND IT WORKS. • But it doesn't work when YOUdo it by rote. • You've got to know your benefits inside and out. Practice using this technique until it sounds natural

  25. Don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle • You're not just selling the steak, you're selling the pleasure and satisfaction that steak will bring. • And it's your SPIRIT and ENTHUSIASM that makes that happen. • If you don't believe in what you're selling, how will the customer?

  26. OBJECTIONS HANDLING • When YOUcall a customer and he HANGS UP after YOUsay that YOUare calling from…….. • Top Salesperson: "Before YOUhang up, let me ask you— Are you fully dependent on NEA to run your business?

  27. OBJECTIONS HANDLING • Do you have a alternative to NEA who is ready to works 24 X 7 for YOU? ......... …….. …….. & • Who never asks for leave or salary

  28. OBJECTIONS HANDLING • I strongly suggest YOUuse this Verbatim. • It's a very powerful way to find out if there is any shred of interest. • And it's also a direct, but appropriate challenge to the prospect's position.

  29. This is powerful stuff.

  30. OBJECTIONS HANDLING • Bottom line: If YOUhear anything other than a click and a dial tone, you're in. Take a look: (Tele calls) • Bottom line: If YOUsee him thinking for a while or looking into your eyes, you're in. Take a look: (Direct visits)

  31. OBJECTIONS HANDLING • Prospect: "What do YOUmean by that?"

  32. OBJECTIONS HANDLING • Top Salesperson: "The other customers we have in your industry told me that they're now able to save a HuuuGE amount, because we are also very strong in After Sales Service. • This response also works if your prospect says, "My present Genset is working very well,"

  33. OBJECTIONS HANDLING • Keep an objection journal. • You'll encounter plenty of objections in your daily calls with customers. • Keeping a list helps YOUformulate answers to future objections

  34. OBJECTIONS HANDLING • The good news about objections is, you either Overcome them or YOULearn Something Valuable when YOUdon't overcome them. • Get in the habit of examining every lost sale

  35. The Monkey Experiment 5 monkeys Bunch of banana Cold water spray Old replaced with new Finally all old replaced by new New group also does the same

  36. The Monkey Experiment It happens in our society as well Fear of Failure Never tried of worked on We believe on what others say without thorough research or even trying Believe in YOU, Your Login, Your Guts and MOVE AHEAD believe me SUCCESS WILL FOLLOW YOU Don’t become a MONKEY



  39. THANK YOU ?’s Please