Mrs brown s classroom rules and procedures
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Mrs. Brown’s Classroom Rules and Procedures. Classroom Rules. Be respectful all the time. Be ready to learn when you walk in the room. Be on task and follow directions. Be safe, work hard, and ask questions! Be helpful & teach when someone needs help.

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Mrs brown s classroom rules and procedures

Mrs. Brown’sClassroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom rules
Classroom Rules

  • Be respectful all the time.

  • Be ready to learn when you walk in the room.

  • Be on task and follow directions.

  • Be safe, work hard, and ask questions!

  • Be helpful & teach when someone needs help.

  • Follow all school rules (no gum, food, hats, etc.)

Disciplinary procedures
Disciplinary Procedures

  • visual or verbal communication

  • stronger warning

  • teacher/student conference

  • 15 minute classroom community service (after school or lunch

  • Mustang PRIDE Learning Life Skills Reflection

  • Phone call or email to parent/guardian

  • Administrative detention and/or referral

  • (serious offenses will result in immediate removal from the classroom)

The situation may require steps to be skipped, used in a different order, or other actions not listed may be required.


  • 1. Praise

  • 2. Parent contact

  • 3. Nomination for student of the month award


Being Prepared

Bring required materials each day. (science spiral notebook, pens and a pencil)

Writing Utensils

Students may use a pencil or a pen (blue or black ink)

Computer generated work will also be accepted in many situations.

Use red pen for corrections.


Entering and exiting class

Entering Class

Line up outside until I am ready for you to enter.

After entering the room, do not leave without permission.

Students may not go to their locker to get materials or HW.

Write down HW in planner.

Begin working on Focus Question in notebook.

Exiting Class

The teacher will dismiss the class Not The Clock.

Do not pack books to exit class until instructed to do so by the teacher.

Lower your chair and clean the area around their desks before leaving the room.

Students will be dismissed by table groups.

Push in your chair when you are excused.

Entering and Exiting Class

Maintaining your science notebook

Your Spiral Notebook

This is for class notes, focus questions, labs, etc.

All materials must be dated and in the right order. I will tell you which page to put things on.

Notebooks will be checked periodically.

Maintaining Your Science Notebook

Restroom and water


Students should use the restroom before class.

If it’s an emergency, raise your hand with your fingers crossed in an ASL “R.”

When excused, sign out, leave the door open so you can get back in.

Upon returning, close the door and sign in.


You may have a resealable water bottle.

Restroom and Water

Pencil sharpening and trash

Pencil Sharpening

Students are to sharpen pencils upon entering the classroom

If your lead breaks during class and if your have no other writing utensil, switch yours with one of my sharpened ones.


Trash will be thrown away when your are dismissed from class. Keep it at your desk until you are dismissed.

Pick up all paper around your desk before leaving the room.

Pencil Sharpening and Trash