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Poetic Devices

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Poetic Devices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Poetic Devices. Literary Elements Notes Miss Russ’s English Class. Figurative Language. Expressions that emphasize imaginative language. METAPHOR SIMILE PERSONIFICATION. Metaphor. Comparison between two unlike things. Example: s ea of grief green with envy. Simile.

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Poetic Devices

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    1. Poetic Devices Literary Elements Notes Miss Russ’s English Class

    2. Figurative Language Expressions that emphasize imaginative language. METAPHOR SIMILE PERSONIFICATION

    3. Metaphor Comparison between two unlike things. Example: sea of grief green with envy

    4. Simile Comparison between two unlike things usinglike or as. Example: hungry as a horse bright like a flashlight

    5. Personification Giving human qualities to something that is not human. Example

    6. Imagery Using language that appeals to the senses. VISUAL AURAL OLFACTORY TACTILE GUSTATORY

    7. Theme The unifying subject or idea.

    8. Oxymoron Contradiction of word meanings that create a new understanding. Example: jumbo shrimp living dead

    9. Symbol Something that stands for something else.

    10. Hyperbole Using exaggeration to evoke strong emotion or ideas, and are NOT taken literally.

    11. Irony Contrast between what we expect and what really happens. DRAMATIC SITUATIONAL VERBAL SARCASM

    12. Tone Speaker’s attitude!

    13. Mood Emotional effect that the text creates for the audience.

    14. Rhyme The repetition of similar sounds in more than one word. cat hat bat that vat gnat fat at chat splat brat flat spat mat pat rat sat

    15. Rhyme Scheme Pattern of rhyme between lines of a poem or song. “Sharing” by Shel Silverstein I’ll share your toys, I’ll share your money, I’ll share your toast, I’ll share your honey, I’ll share your milk and your cookies too— The hard part’s sharing mine with you. A A B B

    16. Rhythm Musical quality produced by repetition. Example

    17. Onomatopoeia Word that imitates sound. BUZZ…. BOOM!

    18. Alliteration Repetition of a particular sound in a series of words; same sound at the beginning of the words. She sells seashells by the sea shore.

    19. Consonance Repetition of the same consonant (non-vowel) sound in a series of words; same sound in the words. Mammals named Sam are clammy.

    20. Assonance Repetition of a vowel sound to create internal rhyming. white high night