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Social Media & Digital Marketing Return on Investment PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media & Digital Marketing Return on Investment

Social Media & Digital Marketing Return on Investment

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Social Media & Digital Marketing Return on Investment

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  1. Social Media & Digital Marketing Return on Investment April 2011

  2. Agenda • Defining ROI • Digital Marketing Plan • Examples • Digital Dashboard • Integrating Offline Marketing • Top 10 Tips

  3. Defining ROI • Return • Financial • Value • Value to the customer • Value to the organisation • Investment • Time • Budget • Resource

  4. Digital Marketing Plan Situation - where are we now? Objectives - where do we want to be? Strategy - how do we get there? Tactics - how exactly do we get there? Action - what is our plan? Control - did we get there?

  5. Example 1 - Ford Ford currently has more than half a million followers across Twitter and Facebook. A campaign-based example of recent social media success is the promotion for the 2011 Ford Explorer, which netted a number-one trending topic on Twitter, a number-two Google trend, and vehicle orders that were more than double what had been projected. “We’re committed to the ‘always on’ mode, which means that we need to abandon the traditional ‘launch and leave’ approach that we previously used,” says Scott Monty, the head of social media at the motor company, who can be credited for much of Ford’s social activity. “By taking the time to build a relationship with our fans by sharing not only our story but other people’s stories, we therefore gain awareness, trust and loyalty so that when they do make a purchase decision, we’re top of mind.” Source:

  6. Example 2 - Dell Dell has received more than 170,000 customer ratings and reviews on across 62 countries, while its main Facebook Page has more than 360,000 fans. The most headline-grabbing example of Dell’s social media program netting real-world results is its @DellOutlet Twitter account. Currently enjoying more than 1.5 million followers, Dell revealed late last year that it had generated $6.5 million in revenue, a figure that we can only assume has grown since. “The online conversations offer great opportunities for us to listen, learn and engage — we use what we learn to innovate and integrate technology that provides solutions our customers want,” says Kerry Bridge, head of digital media communications, EMEA and global public sector at Dell. Source:

  7. Example 3 - Intel “We consistently monitor and listen to the conversations on the web, trying to address as much of the questions and issues as we can,” says Ekaterina Walter, social media strategist at Intel. “It is important for us to have presence on social networking sites where our customers can engage in a dialogue with us and get a 1:1 attention.” Walter tells us Intel has been especially successful in engaging on Facebook in the past year. “We have achieved about 10% to 15% monthly organic fan growth on average, which is considered the highest organic growth you can get. We are now up to over 240K fans (over 90% of which were acquired organically).” Source:

  8. Digital Dashboard • Measuring • Measure outcomes rather than outputs • Intepreting • Turn information into intelligence • Reporting • Report intelligence in real business terms

  9. Integrating Offline Marketing • Replacing • For cost effectiveness, timeliness, measurability • Blending • Because different customers engage with you using different media • Complimenting • Pure customer journey integration

  10. Top Ten Tips • Define what ROI really means for your organisation • Create a simple one-side SOSTAC plan • Build a digital dashboard deciding what you’ll measure and agree what’s reported • Turn information into intelligence • Replace, blend or compliment your offline marketing • Seek appropriate resources for your plan • Run digital marketing and social media using your plan as a content filter • Report outcomes in appropriate language • Continually reduce investment and increase return • Learn and fine tune on an ongoing basis

  11. Get Qualified • CAM Digital Marketing Diploma • Distance Learning option • Saturday Seminar option • •, enquiries page