Stewardship training with noaa
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STEWARDSHIP TRAINING WITH NOAA. By: Mika O’Shea Haha’ione elementary school 4 th grade Mrs. Hasegawa. Stewardship Training with NOAA.

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Stewardship training with noaa


By: Mika O’Shea

Haha’ione elementary school

4th grade

Mrs. Hasegawa

Stewardship training with noaa1
Stewardship Training with NOAA

  • NOAA means National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. Here we learn by using personal experiences for knowledge. So far we have gone to 5 field trips and had 7 speakers. Stewardship training is like to Malama [protect] the land, specifically the North-Western Hawaiian Islands. We did stewardship at HIMB [Coconut Island], Waikiki Aquarium, and Maunalua Bay. We learned the traits of Navigating from the field trips of bishop and maritime museum, and also from the speaker Mahina Duarte.

H20 investigation
H20 investigation

  • At this field trip, We were actually using 3 transportations- bus, boat, and our own feet- to take the tour of the island. We saw a Black Tip Reef Shark, a White Tip Reef Shark, and big fish. We studied Fido and Zoo Plankton. We searched for living creatures in gorilla ogo.

Sail on
Sail on!

  • At the maritime museum, we saw this video of voyaging canoes, and the story of war. Then Mr. Limtiaco, the head advisor, split us into groups. The 1st group stayed and built single and double hull canoes. Meanwhile, the 2nd group was doing experiments and explored the north-western Hawaiian island. Later on, we went exploring. I saw this whale skeleton that looked a few 100 lbs.then I saw a portrait of Captain James cook and Captain George Vancouver.

Dive in
Dive in!!

  • Why should I dive in to a sharks jaws???? To get a closer look of course!! I am now at the Waikiki Aquarium. First we see a video of Hawaiian War and the story of voyaging canoes. Then we go and look around. When we got outside, we saw hermit crabs and got to hold them. Then we saw the seals. My personal favorite was the sharks. We went to eat lunch outside. Then we learned about turbidity. After that, we went sailing home on the bus.


  • NOAA Inspired field trips

  • Mr. Limtiaco

  • Maritime Museum

  • Waikiki aquarium

  • HIMB (coconut island)

  • Mauna Lua Bay