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OXFORD ENGLISH 8A. Chapter One. Reading. 词汇,短语,句型. Language. 语法. Speaking. 补全对话. Writing. 作文. Listening. 听力,阅读. More practice. Using English. Cartoon dialogue. A pen-friend. Hi----- high----boy. Lo---low----robot. Reading. What’s the name of each sport?.

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  1. OXFORDENGLISH 8A Chapter One

  2. Reading 词汇,短语,句型 Language 语法 Speaking 补全对话 Writing 作文 Listening 听力,阅读 More practice Using English

  3. Cartoon dialogue A pen-friend Hi----- high----boy Lo---low----robot

  4. Reading

  5. What’s the name of each sport?

  6. Which is your favourite sport ?

  7. football badminton table tennis rugby tennis hockey baseball basketball boating boxing cycling diving high jump long jump jogging run skate ski surfing swim volleyball My hobby is playing football. What’s your hobby? I enjoy playingthe chess. What about you? I’m keen on sports.

  8. A letter from a pen friend an address at the top right corner a date Dear May, greeting the first sentence the last sentence Sidney The signature

  9. addressMiddle Street Walker门牌号,楼号,街路 • Newcastle upon Tyne城市区域(省,州) • NE6 4BY邮编------postal code • England 国家 • 2. date May 15(th) , 2008 • greeting Dear May, /Madam, sir/ Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, Prof+姓氏 • first sentence Hi! I saw your name…… • How time flies! • Does everything goes well? • Thanks for your nice letter. • 5. last sentence I hope you will write to me soon

  10. information about oneself • Name My name is …… • Age I’m ……years old. • Height I’m about five feet tall. five feet two inches • Hair length I have short black hair. • Eyes • Hobby My hobby is ving • I enjoy …… information about his family information about his school

  11. exercises • 复述课文 • 变第三人称单数 • 划线提问 Why did he write a letter to Mary? How tall is he? What’s his full name? How old is he? What’s he like? /What does he look like? What’s his hobby? What does he enjoy doing?

  12. Listening • blond He has blond hair. • blonde She has blonde hair. Is it a boy or a girl? What colour is his hair? What colour are his eyes? How tall is he? Where was he born? What’s his favourite sport?

  13. A letter from a pen-friend A letter from a pen-friend Dear May Hi!I ___ your name and address in‘Pen-friends’________, and I would like__ __ your pen- friend. First, I will tell you some ______ about ______. My name is Sidney Li Pei-chun. I'm _______ years old. I'm about five ___ tall. I have short ____ hair and brown___. My favourite _____ is playing ________ games. I also enjoy _______ _____. I live ____ my parents. They ____ to England about 30 years ago. They ____ from Hong Kong, but I ____ never ____ there. Now my parents ___ a Chinese restaurant in Newcastle. We live in a small house ___ our restaurant. I ___ ____ in Newcastle in 1986. I can speak ______ , but I cannot ____ it very ____. I have a brother ____ Edwin. He is 23. He works __ an _______ in London. I'm__ Form One__ Walker School. It is ___ my house, and so I can ____ to school. I like my school because the teachers are very _____. My school ___ many _____ _____. I am ____ __ sports. I enjoy playing ____ and ________ in the winter , and _____ in the ______. My best ______ at school is ______. My _______ is to be __ engineer. I ______ a photo of _____ and some _____ friends. I am in the ______. I ____ you will write to me soon, May, and tell me __ about ______. Best _____ Sidney A letter from a pen-friend Dear May Hi!Isawyour name and address in‘Pen-friends’magazine, and I would liketobe your pen- friend. First, I will tell you somethings aboutmyself. My name is Sidney Li Pei-chun. I'mfourteenyears old. I'm about fivefeettall. I have short blackhair and browneyes. My favouritehobbyis playingcomputergames. I alsoenjoy playing chess. I livewithmy parents. Theycameto England about 30 years ago. Theycamefrom HongKong, but Ihaveneverbeenthere. Now my parentsowna Chinese restaurant inNewcastle. We live in a small housenearour restaurant. Iwas bornin Newcastle in 1986. Ican speakChinese, but I cannotwriteit verywell. I have a brothercalledEdwin. He is 23. He works as anarchitect, in London. I'm inForm One atWalker School. It is nearmy house, and so I ca walk to school. I likemy school because the teachers are veryfriendly. My schoolhasmanysports fields. I amkeen onsports. I enjoy playingrugby andbadmintonin the winter , andtennis in thesummer. My bestsubjectat school isphysics. My ambitionis to beanengineer. Ienclosea photo ofmyselfand someschoolfriends. I am in themiddle. I hopeyou will write to me soon, May, and tell meall aboutyourself. Best wishes Sidney

  14. 名词 inch foot couple drama university actor      actress physics   ambition steak badminton hockey rugby tennis arrival fortune inches metre centimetre kilometre mile gram kilogram kilo feet play film movie opera dramatic adj. college high school act vt. action n. active adj. activity n. Chinese maths English chemistry history politics art biology geography music P.E. computer ambitious adj. baseball basketball boating boxing cycling diving footall high jump long jump jogging run skate ski surfing swim table tennis volleyball arrive vi. fortunate adj. fortunately adv.

  15. 动词 encloses enclosing enclosed enclosed Enclose shut   close vt. shuts shutting shut shut 形容词 European Europe n. 副词 recently     recent adj.

  16. 1. a picture of… 2. a photo of myself and some school friends 3. six sports 4. each sport 5. play two sports 6. one's favourite sport have/do sports = take exercise drawing painting Look! That man is _________ a picture of a horse. A camera is used to _____ _______. take photos 7. many sports fields What’s your favourite sport? _____ _____ is your _________? What sport do you like best? • 8. my best subject at school • a strong wish/feeling/desire • an honest man • an engineer/actress/ambition • We have/held a ______ (sport) meeting every year. • Those _______________(woman teacher) are talking. • There are many ___________(banana tree) in Hainan. sports favourite What sport women teachers What sport ___ you ____ ____? do like best banana trees • The girl is only _____________(三岁大) • It is _______________(走十分钟的路) from here. • He spent _________________(六个星期的假期) • in Japan last year three years old 12. five feet two inches tall ten minutes' walk 13. the name of one's full/family/given/first/last name six weeks' holiday • the childhood of… • the best way to do sth • the best way of sth • an address at the top-right corner • a date under the address • a signature at the end • a letter from a pen-friend a six-week holiday What’s the height of …? = How tall …? weight,length,width,age,number,amount = How heavy/ long/ wide/ old/ many/ much…? = How tall …? weight,length,width,age,number,amount = How heavy/ long/ wide/ old/ many/ much…?

  17. work work work work • be all in • be keen on doing sth • eaiser and faster • be terribly lazy/idle • be tidy and clean • be boring/dull/uninteresting • be happy/glad to do sth • be friendly/kind/good to • begin/start with • end/finish with • complete A with B • match A with B • work with machines • work with animals • 18. work alone • 19. work as • begin/start with • end/finish with • complete A with B • match A with B • work with machines • work with animals • 18. work alone • 19. work as He is used to working without others’ help. He is used to working _______. He is used to working _____ _____ _____. He is used to working _____ _____ _____. alone all by himself on his own

  18. the postal code • a post office • write a letter to sb = write sb a letter = write to sb • get/receive/have a letter from sb = hear from sb • write a letter back to sb • = write back to sb • = answer one's letter • send a letter • deliver a letter • post a letter He heard from his brother 3 weeks ago. He ______ ______ a letter from his brother ______ 3 weeks. Three weeks ______ ______ ______ he _____ his brother’s letter. has had for got has passed since received

  19. 用特殊疑问词填空 What What color 1.______are they? They are apples. 2.______ do you want? I want pink. 3.______ pears would you like? I would like six. 4.______is your sister? She is at home. 5.______are you? I am 14. 6.____ is your father? He is fine. 7._______does Lily go home every day? She goes home at 5. 8._____is the boy in blue? It is Jack. 9._______is the milk? It is 6 RMB a bottle. 10.______ people are there in the room? Seven. How many Where How old How What time Who How much How many

  20. 1.___ is this computer? A How many B How much C How about D How often 2.--___ your grandp’s age ? -- I’m not sure. A When B How old C What’s D How’s 3.--___ is your birthday party,Mary? --In my school. A What B When C Where D How 4.--___ kind of movies do you like? --Action movies . A What B Who C how D Which 5.--___ is your favorite runner? --Liu Xiang. A How B Who C When D Which 6.--___ do you have supper? --At 7:00 A When B Where C Why D What time 7.--___ is Susan’s favorite subject? --English A Which B Who C Why D What

  21. ⑴ what 意为“什么”,用来对“事”或对“职业”提问; 或意为 “多少”,帮助有累计数量含义的名词提问。 What is this? What is your father? What is the weather like today? What do you think of this film? What is one and one? What is the population of China? ⑵ who意为“谁”。用来对“人”提问。 Who is at the door? ⑶ which 意为“哪个”。既可以对“人” 提问,也可以对“物”提问。 Which city is bigger, Beijing or Shanghai? Which girl won the prize? ⑷ whose意为“谁的”。 Whose bag is this? ⑸ when 意为“什么时候”, 对时间提问。对具体钟点提问用“what time”。 When did you arrive? ⑹ why意为“为什么”。对原因提问。 Why didn't you go with us yesterday? Why do you want to build a science lab? ⑺ where 意为“在哪里”。对地点提问。 Where shall we meet tomorrow? WHAT? Remember

  22. how意为“怎样”。对方式、程度、状态等提问。 How are you?      How do you like China? ⑼ how many 意为“多少”。对可数名词的复数提问。 How many apples are there on the table? ⑽ how much 意为“多少”。对不可数名词提问。 How much meat is there in the fridge?      How much are these apples? ⑾ how long 意为“多长”。对时间段或物体的长度提问。 --How long have you lived here? --For five years.      How long is the Great Wall? ⑿ how soon 意为“多久”。对in+时间段提问。 --How soon will he come back? --In three days. ⒀ how often 意为“多久一次”。对频率提问。 --How often do you water the flowers? --Three times a week. ⒁ how old 意为“多大”。对年龄提问。 How old are you? How? How? How?

  23. Let’s see the family of “how” • 1. I go to school by bus. • 2. She is twelve. • 3. Jim plays with his dog for about two hours on Sunday. • 4. Millie goes to the Reading Club twice a week. • 5.There are more than forty students in our class. • 6.There is some bread on the plate. • 7.Mike is 1.35 meters tall. • 8.I’ll bring it here in a minute. Howdo you go to school? Howoldis she? Howlongdoes Jim play with his dog on Sunday? Howoftendoes Millie go to the Reading Club? Howmanystudents are there in your class? Howmuchbread is there on the plate? Howtall is Mike? Howsoonwill you bring it here?

  24. HestudiedEnglishhardin the universityfor the teston Sunday. who what what how where why when • Who studied English hard in the university for the test on Sunday? • Whatdid he do hard in the university for the test on Sunday? • Whatdid he study hard in the university for the test on Sunday? • Howdidhe study English in the university for the test on Sunday? • Where did he study English hard for the test on Sunday? • Whydidhe study English hard in the university on Sunday? • When did he study English hard in the university for the test?

  25. 复杂的特殊疑问句的形式 疑问代词/副词 +主句一般疑问句+其它? I think our teacher likesblue. What colourdo you thinkour teacher likes? He is surethatthey can mendherbike. Whosebikeis hesurethey can mend? 在宾语从句部分的特殊疑问句用陈述语序. I can’t understand why he always comes late. They didn’t know how they could save the man . Remember

  26. answers long answers 主语的人称,动词的时态 short answer 疑问副词回答常有介词,信息点要答全 Who are you waiting for? Miss Li. Which suitcase is yours? The red one. What’s that over there? A pen. Why are you late? Because I got up late. Why should we plant more trees? To protect the environment. Why did they fight? Forwater. When were you born? In 1995. Where were you born? In Shenyang. How long have you lived there? For two years. Since I came to China.

  27. 冠词 a ,an, the, / 难点1 教材内容太精炼,需要补充的内容很多 2 字面简单,应用复杂,习题类型多 3 a an 8A , the 8B , / 教材没有,习题有。 思路 呈现 概念规律总结 习题中类型题注意题 精选习题 1 教材处理 先讲B1 呈现a和an的区别 再讲第一部分 总结规律 B2 作业

  28. 2难点处理 Europe uniform university one-way street useless watch useful book an honest hour uncle s .l, n, m, r, x • a • 零冠词 • He has rice for lunch. • a B. an C. the D. / • 复述名词表泛指,球类学科和三餐。 • 专有名词不可数,星期,月份,季节前。 • 交通手段和节日,习语称谓和头衔。 the 特指双方熟悉,上文已经提及。世上独一无二,方位名词乐器。某些专有名词,外加复数姓氏。序数词最高级,习惯用语要特记。

  29. 特别需要注意的情况 • 在与“rather, quite, so, such, how +形容词 ”等字后面出现时的位置 • Tom is rather a fool. • I think Chinese is quite a useful language • We have not had so hot a day before. • No one knew how serious a problem it was until later. • a little/ a few 与little/few 意思大不一样 • We must by some rice because there is little at home now. • He was lucky because he still had a little water to take the medicine. • He is quite shy but he still has a few friends. • He could ask few people for help because he had no friends. Remember

  30. 1 We have never seen ____ interesting film. A. such  B. such an  C. so  D. such a 2 Mrs Smith is ____ friend of __ A. the; mine  B. a; me  C. the; my  D. a; mine3 He is___boy. A. a seven-years-old  B. an eight-year-old C. the seven-year-old  D. an eight-year-older 4 I saw____ accident in the street yesterday. A. the  B. a  C. an  D. /5 Now he is ___ artist. I’ve known him since he was ___ one-year-old boy.  A. a; an  B. a; a  C. an; an  D. an; a6 He has tried twice, and the captain asks him to have ____ third try. A. the B. a C. another D. other 7 They went to ____ Smiths' and stayed there for half____ hour. A. /; an B. the; a C. a; the D. the; an8 Shall we go to see our teacher? She is ill in ____ hospital. A. a B. the C. / D. an 9 ____ terrible weather we`ve been having these days!  A. How a B. What a C. How D. What 10 -- Where is Jack? -- I think he is still in ____ bed, but he might just be in ____bathroom. A. /, / B. the; the C. the; / D. /; the 

  31. 寄信人地址 可省略 寄信人地址 从小往大写 Dear+姓 Dear Miss/Mrs/Mr+姓 正 文 在称呼下一、二行处开始写起。 长信要分段,每段一个中心思想, 每段的开头都同第一段开头并齐。 短信可不分段,一气呵成。 正文第一段可顶格写, 但以下各段应空两格 写信日期 结 束 语 第一个字母大写,末尾用逗号.常Yours sincerely, 1Yours, Sincerely yours等。 签名或署名

  32. 李明是北京八中初三的一名学生,他的笔友 Tom Brown来信说他很快就要到中国来,并询问李明家的电话号码。假如你是李明,请写一个信封和一封回信给Tom Brown,告知你的电话号码是010-6091211,让他一到中国就给你打电话,你晚上多半都在家。并问他是否需要你帮忙做什么事。Tom Brown的地址是276 Lynch Street, Ny10343New York,。你的地址是中国北京八中,邮编是100021。 要求: 写一封英文信,做到语法正确,表达清楚,还想直接翻译提示内容,但要 把提示内容都包括进去。(60~80个单词);信封格式要正确,拼写清楚。 Have a Try

  33. 解题思路及参考答案: 以上提示中交代了写信人、收信人双方的地址、姓名,提供了信件的基本内容。写信时,一定要注意信件的基本格式,语言的简洁,时态的正确。 No. 8 Middle School Beijing Jan. 15, 2003 276 Lynch Street Ny10343 New York,USA Dear Tom, I’m glad to get your letter. Pleased to learn that you are coming to China soon. My home telephone number is 010-6091211. Please phone me as soon as you arrive in China. I’ll be at home most of the evenings. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. Please give my best wishes to your parents. Yours, Li Ming

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