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Economic and Market Perspectives Simon Doyle – Head of Fixed Income and Multi-Asset

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Economic and Market Perspectives Simon Doyle – Head of Fixed Income and Multi-Asset - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A world of uncertainty or a world of opportunity?. Economic and Market Perspectives Simon Doyle – Head of Fixed Income and Multi-Asset. Why? Seeds sown early this decade. Financial engineering. Sub-prime. Leverage. US monetary policy. Financial market failures. Bring out your dead!.

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Presentation Transcript
A world of uncertainty or a world of opportunity?

Economic and Market PerspectivesSimon Doyle – Head of Fixed Income and Multi-Asset

why seeds sown early this decade
Why?Seeds sown early this decade

Financial engineering



US monetary policy

financial market failures
Financial market failures

Bring out your dead!


  • Re-incarnated


risky assets have suffered
Risky assets have suffered

Gross 12 month returns by asset class as at 31 October 2008

Growth Assets

Balanced Assets

Defensive Assets









Big losses in equities, REITs and higher yielding credit

Source: Schroders/Datastream. 1. S&P ASX 200; 2. MSCI World; 3. S&P ASX300 Property Trusts; 4. Merrill Lynch Global High Yield Index;

5. Schroder Hybrid Securities Fund; 6. UBS Credit Index; 7. UBS Bank Bill Index 8. UBS Treasury Index

the pointy end
The pointy end…

2007 AAA structured product and mortgage backed security prices

Chinese stock market

Indicative market US residential mortgage backed

Shanghai SE Composite Index

Indicative market CDO

Excesses coming home to roost

Source: CBA, Schroders

US recession is inevitable

US GDP and Conference Board Leading Index

It will be an extended slump

Source: Datastream

recession is also likely in europe and japan
Recession is also likely in Europe and Japan

Eurozone GDP and Whole Economy PM

Japanese GDP and Econ Watchers Outlook

Eurozone GDP – yoy%

Japanese GDP – yoy%

Weighted ISM (RHS)

Eco Watchers Outlook – Lead 2 months (RHS)

Surveys indicate sharp slowdown

Inflation is no longer an issue

G7 economic activity and change in inflation

G7 annual change in inflation

G7 GDP – yoy% change, lead 2q (RHS)

Inflation follows economic growth down

Source: Datastream

terms of trade are reversing
Terms of Trade are reversing

Terms of Trade and Base Metal Prices

MG Base Metal Index (RHS)

Australian terms of trade

Tailwind to headwind

Source: UBS, Datastream

australia will flirt with recession
Australia will flirt with recession

Australian non-farm product and leading index


Weak sentiment is flowing through to activity

Source: Datastream

We have high household debt levels like the US

Household sector debt as % of GDP




Aggressive household credit build up across most western economies

Source: GSJBW Research Estimates, Goldman Sachs Research Estimates

Global Equities are looking attractive

Trailing PE MSCI World vs 25 year historical average

P/E ratio

+1 std deviation


-1 std deviation

Global market is cheap

Source: Schroders, Datastream

bhp billiton
BHP Billiton

Increased volume offset by increased costs

Commodity prices have driven profits

Underlying EBIT analysis: FY08 vs FY02

Increased prices

This is illustrative only and does not represent Schroders’ recommendation on these stocks

Earnings driven by increased prices - volume increase offset by higher costs

Source: Merrill Lynch 31 August 2008

Something positive from the credit crisis…

US high yield


Spread (RHS)


Credit markets will provide attractive returns

Source: Schroders, Datastream

Corporate gearing is low

US debt as a percentage of GDP





Source: Morgan Stanley, * Includes public sector

Yields from Hybrids are looking attractive

Australian hybrid yield and cash rate

Hybrid option adjusted yield

Cash rate

Hybrids are cheap now!

Source: Schroders, Datastream

cash looks good now
Cash looks good now…

Australian cash rate vs US federal funds rate: 1997 - 2008

Australian cash rate


US federal funds rate

…but look what happened in the US

Source: Schroders/Datastream

Too much cash – too little bonds

Returns of Australian Cash, Government Bond

High cash rates + fear = poor long term portfolio construction decisions

Source: Schroders/Datastream

Cycle vs. asset class performance


Slow down





Europe Japan




Govt bonds



High Yields Bonds


High Yields Bonds


Preferred asset class and the economic cycle

Source: Schroders

Our approach hasn’t changed
  • We like;
  • Transparency
  • Liquidity
  • Value for money
  • True economic diversification
  • Appropriate leverage
  • Unlisted assets and hedge funds do not provide this!
What have we been doing?

June 2007

Remove risk in 2007

What have we been doing?

December 2007

Remove risk in 2007

October 2008

What are we doing?

Selectively adding risk


Economic concerns warrant caution

“Risky” assets now have a risk premium

Its not the time to sell risk

Like higher yielding assets - hybrids

Cash was king – but being too defensive could be costly

A world of uncertainty…but with selective opportunity

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