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Nick Packer and Bryce Lenarcic

Nick Packer and Bryce Lenarcic. Tennis that caters for Paraplegia . . Our scenario.

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Nick Packer and Bryce Lenarcic

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  1. Nick Packer and Bryce Lenarcic Tennis that caters for Paraplegia.

  2. Our scenario John is sadly a paraplegic who broke his spinal cord when abseiling on a family holiday. Since his recovery his parents and John, himself want him to live life to the full with the greatest normality. John showed an interest in tennis while the renown Australian Open was on. John then desired to play tennis himself. His parents desperately wanted him to realise this dream, but the dilemma they faced was the lack of transport offered in his community for Paraplegics, this is worsened by the fact that he lives in a rural area. Additionally his parents had to problem solve how he was going to play tennis in his wheelchair in such a large court.

  3. Implications of barriers • The implications of John’s lack of transport and rural isolation barriers include: • John’s dream of living the most normal life possible • Putting extra strain on the family as they can’t deliver there child their desires • Expense of transport (if required) • The implications of John’s paraplegia includes: • Cannot move around the court at sufficient speed • Strain on the arms when moving around the court • Stain on the family as they have to go to extra lengths to cater for him • He can’t be mobile, relying heavily on family members assistance to live a normal life

  4. Modification • Rules: • Only play on the left hand side of the court without the tramlines. • If the ball lands outside the court, over the T-line and bounces more than once, it’s a point to the opposition. • To serve, you have your wheelchair behind the baseline on the left hand side of the court and serve per normal. • You use a racquet, tennis net, tennis balls and wheel chair to play.

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