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Great Britain's famous cities.

Great Britain's famous cities. Made by Ann Ponomarenko. London.

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Great Britain's famous cities.

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  1. Great Britain's famous cities. Made by Ann Ponomarenko

  2. London London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom,located in the south-east. It has been a capital for nearly a thousand years. Many of its ancient buildings still stand. The most famous of them are the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral. Most visitors also want to see the Houses of Parliament and the many magnificent museums. London has been a major settlement for two millennia, its history going back to its founding by the Romans, who called it Londinium. London was situated on the north bank of the Thames. Slowly it grew into one of the world's major cities. Different areas of London seem like different cities. The West End is a rich man's world of shops, offices and theatres. The City of London is the district where most offices and banks are situated; the Royal Exchange and the Bank of England are here, too. The East End is a district where mostly working people live. London is governed by the elected Mayor and the Assembly.

  3. Edinburgh Edinburgh is the capital and the second largest city of Scotland, and the seventh-most populous in the United Kingdom, located in the south-east of Scotland, near the North Sea. Owing to its spectacular setting and collection of Medieval architecture , it was considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Edinburgh is the seat of the Scottish Parliament. The city was one of the major centres of the enlightenment, led by the University of Edinburgh, earning it the nickname Athens of the North.

  4. Cardiff Cardiff is the capital and the largest city of Wales, located in the south. The city is Wales' base for most national cultural and sporting institutions and the seat of the National Assembly for Wales. Cardiff is a significant tourism centre and the most popular visitor destination in Wales with 15 million visitors in 2009.

  5. Belfast Belfast is the capital and the largest city of Northern Ireland, as well as the second largest city on the island of Ireland, located in the east. It is the seat of the government and Northern Ireland Assembly. Historically, Belfast has been a centre for the Irish linen industry . The Belfast was granted city status in 1888.

  6. Glasgow Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the third most populous in the United Kingdom. The city is situated on the River Clyde. A person from Glasgow is known as a Glaswegian. Glasgow was known as the "Second City of the British Empire" for much of the Victorian era and Edwardia period. Today it is one of Europe's top twenty financial centres and is home to many of Scotland's leading businesses.

  7. York York is a walled city, situated on the Rivers Oise and Foss in England. The city has a historical heritage. It was founded by the Romans. It had been the ancient Capital of the Vikings.

  8. There are a lot of rich, beautiful . and ancient cities, but in my . opinion these are the most . important onesin the history . of U.K.

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