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ECO 2010 . Rattlesnake . Rattlesnake Hike 7/12/2010

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Rattlesnake Hike 7/12/2010

We hiked about 3.5 miles to the top of Rattlesnake Mountain in Rumney NH. When we got to the top we ate our lunches. There was a mud pool. We found that the pH level was 4.5, and the temp was 80°F. Nick fell in and it was really funny. He was all mud. We also saw many trees such as red oak, sugar maple, hemlock, white pine, red maple, tripe, and witch hazel. When we finished our hike, we headed to the Baker River.

Fox Park

We walked Fox Pond on Sunday which is not far from the college. Once we got there we tried to catch some organisms. We had some people use the plankton tow which you use to catch microscopic organisms in the water. We caught some frogs and even a dead fish! We had fun catching larvae and crawdads (crawfish) and our day ended.


Pemi River

We went to the Pemi River today and it was a great time. We had to cross the river to get to the other side. We were walking down the beach we found a snake. Two people got bit but it didn’t hurt.

  • Biotic Abiotic

Leech Sand

Snake Rocks

Cat fish Water

Crayfish Air

Fresh water clams

Poison Ivy




walter newton and rainbow falls
Walter Newton and Rainbow Falls
  • Biotic Abiotic
  • Frogs Rocks
  • Plants Air
  • Dirt Dirt
  • Organisms Water
  • Trees Sun
  • Bugs

Pond Stream

pH level= 5 5

Temp. = 78° 64°

livermore falls

After we went to Walter Newton we went to Livermore to swim. We hung out on the sand and in the nice refreshing water. We Watched the falls that were huge and meaty. Amy had found a little pool in the rocks that was formed from erosion. I swam in it. It was pretty deep and it was kinda tight so it was hard to swim in.

the cra z baker

After we went up Rattlesnake we went to the Baker. We swam for about an hour and we just hung out. We found a rock that you could jump off and do a trick. It was a cra-z day. The pH level was 4.5 and the temp was 78°. We had a good time swimming at the Baker River.

pH= 4.5/5

Temp= 78

downtown ecology

We went downtown on Thursday and found biotic and abiotic things. We had to find something that was biotic in the ground. We walked around and got pictures of everybody with their plants. Some people had big plants and some people had small plants. After all the fun finding biotic and abiotic things in the ground we went swimming. We went swimming in the Pemi River and had fun. We saw a little pug named Maggie that was a rescued dog from a meany.We watch her play as people swam and just relaxed. Nick and I saw these huge rapids that we thought we should go down. We did it but right where you get near the islands it gets really shallow and it hurts your body. We walked back to the dorms and got changed then we went to Boyd and did work.

Downtown Ecology


thank you for watching