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buy skin safe and toxin free make up n.
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Buy Skin Safe and Toxin Free Make Up PowerPoint Presentation
Buy Skin Safe and Toxin Free Make Up

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Buy Skin Safe and Toxin Free Make Up
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Buy Skin Safe and Toxin Free Make Up

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  1. Buy Skin Safe and Toxin Free Make Up When it comes to buying make up, it can be a daunting task. With so many products in the market, it is sometimes very confusing and over whelming. Something that is going to worn on the skin should be chosen with utmost care. After all, it is very intimate. If our body is the temple where the soul resides, then our skin is an all encompassing god-like protection. It’s our duty to keep it safe and healthy. There is immense pleasure in maintaining healthy skin, and it is the most superior sign of beauty. The make up we choose to put on our skin should be chosen with much deliberation and care. The ingredients in most make up products are full of

  2. inconspicuous chemicals. They are not noticeable, but may be of a harmful nature. Parabens is one such class of chemicals. These are widely used in make-up products as preservatives to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. These are used by most brands. It is a common practice. But, recent studies have shown that parabens might actually be very harmful to the skin and the body. Parabens interfere with the hormones by mimicking the functioning of estrogen in a woman’s body, thus putting them at risk of cancer. Parabens can be associated with causing breast cancer as some traces of parabens have been found in tumors of the breast. It is imperative to check the labeling of the products that you buy, and scan for potentially harmful toxins. Parabens are carcinogenic and catalyze the proliferation of cancer cells by interfering with hormones, with its weak estrogen like properties. Not only do parabens fuel the growth of existing cancer cells, they can also turn healthy cells into cancer cells. There is a number of beauty and make up brands that sell paraben free make-up. You can buy paraben free face and eye make up palettes from BH Cosmetics. These products are skin friendly and are safely used by millions of beauty aficionados. The safety is double checked with the consumer. The positive consumer reviews over the years is also assurance that these products are safe and harmless to use. An efficient BH Cosmetics customer service have ensured it a well known brand of make up with a wide consumer base and is very widely used. BH Cosmetics reviews tell us that it is a trust worthy brand to buy safe make up.