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Ricoh Data Center Offers Best Hosting Services in India

Ricoh India is a leading data center service provider industry providing best hosting services and other IT services in India and across the world with 24x7 support.

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Ricoh Data Center Offers Best Hosting Services in India

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  1. Boost Your Business’s Web Presence With Best Hosting Services By: Bhavna Singh

  2. Increasing Demand for Hosting Services With the growing popularity of the online business, there has been a noteworthy increase in demand for hosting services. This is what resulted into varied types of hosting services available in the market. Before registering for such services, it is very important to understand what sort of services your website needs, the kind of server required by you or your business, your budget and what type of services the web host provides.

  3. Available Hosting Options • Commonly available hosting options are: • Free Hosting • Shared Hosting • Dedicated Hosting • Collocated Hosting

  4. Free Hosting This sort of hosting can be a good choice when you merely want to develop a non-critical website for fun. Often, in a free hosting environment connection speed is slow that results into frequent downtime of your website and the advertising banners will be automatically added to your website. Some of the service providers will need you to purchase a separate domain name so that you can receive free hosting services from them, while some offer you a free sub domain under them. Be a bit careful here as you will not be able to transfer the domains that are available for free.

  5. Shared Hosting Shared Hosting - This sort of hosting environment involves sharing of a single server for your as well as other websites. This implies sharing the physical server as well as the software applications within a single server. Shared type of hosting services is quite affordable as the cost for running the server is shared between you and the owners of other websites. However, there are numerous downsides such as slow speed.

  6. Dedicated Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting - This sort of hosting environment ensures you the availability of entire server for catering your organization only. This is recommended for faster performance, as you have the entire server’s resources without any need to share them with other website owners. However, this also implies that you will be responsible for the price of server operation completely. This stands to be a good choice for the websites that are in need of a lot of system resources, or enhanced level of security.

  7. Co-located Hosting Co-location Hosting - This sort of hosting requires you to purchase your own server and accommodate it with the web host’s facilities. You will be accountable for the server itself. An advantage of such hosting service is that you have the entire control of the web server. You can install whatever you need such as applications or scripts.

  8. Ricoh Data Center offers Hosting Services Ricoh data center offers best hosting services in India and across the globe. Ricoh India has a state of art Tier III data centers in Delhi and Kolkata. Be on the paramount of market by utilizing tremendous facilities of dedicated server, cloud server and VPS hosting services to boost your online presence.

  9. Contact Us RICOH INDIA LIMITED Toll Free: 1800-3010-3363 E-mail: Website:

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