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Affordable loans in uk & short term lending business

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Affordable loans in uk & short term lending business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If anyone is ever looking to borrow money from the financial market place, that person may or may not know just how many different borrowing options there are out there and available to select from.\n

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charged interest
 Historically many lenders, like the famed Wonga, charged interest rates exceeding 5,000% APR on these payday loans. At no point in our country’s history such heavy interest rates were seen.charged interest
number of complaints
Not only this but also a huge number of complaints were received where the customers did not get a loan and still their bank accounts were charged with heavy fees.number of complaints
interest rate
The interest rates charged on payday loans cannot exceed 0.8% per day. This brings down the overall APR and limits the ability of payday lenders to overcharge their borrowers.Interest rate
total repayment
Many borrowers who could not pay the loans on the requisite date ended up ratcheting up huge default charges which would take the repayable amount to astronomical size. Total repayment
prospective customers
When the payday loans were available in the mass market their strongest point touted to prospective customers was their ease of processing and repayment.prospective customers
the biggest setback
The biggest setback from these regulations would be to Payday Loan Brokers. Such a regulation was inevitable given the huge number of people affected by payday loans and the increasing pressure on the government to rein this sector of the financial markets.The biggest setback
regulations regarding
On 2nd January, 2015 new regulations regarding the payday industry came into effect. They have put a ceiling on the interest, default charges and maximum repayable amount for payday loans.regulations regarding
thousands of pounds
This led to some borrowers getting burdened with thousands of pounds of debt when they had borrowed £100 or £200. Many influential sections of society came out in open opposition to the payday lending.thousands of pounds
securing the finance
However within the payday industry the borrowers overlooked this factor as the initial principal loan was small and the primary driving factor was securing the finance.securing the finance
cannot work with lower margins
This is true for almost all the remaining payday lenders. Many have even closed their shops knowing that they cannot work with lower margins.cannot work with lower margins
true blue loans
There are several firms in the market, like True Blue Loans, which not only give the borrowers adequate advice but provide them with the option to repay in 3 to 6 months.True Blue Loans
the taxpayer s money
It also ensured that this problem was tackled head on before it became too big and lead to any loss of the taxpayer’s money. The heydays of payday lending are definitely past us and we should see a new beginning of prudent and responsible lending from short term lending businesses.the taxpayer’s money
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