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Transforming Your Annual Fund Finding Planned Giving Donors PowerPoint Presentation
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Transforming Your Annual Fund Finding Planned Giving Donors

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Transforming Your Annual Fund Finding Planned Giving Donors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transforming Your Annual Fund Finding Planned Giving Donors. Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE. Planned Giving Marketing. Planned Giving in the Development Process. The Planned Giving Market. $40 Trillion in wealth transfer Revalidated 2 times Birth rates New NonProfit Times Study

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Transforming Your Annual Fund Finding Planned Giving Donors

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    Presentation Transcript

    1. Transforming Your Annual FundFinding Planned Giving Donors Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE

    2. Planned Giving Marketing Planned Giving in the Development Process

    3. The Planned Giving Market • $40 Trillion in wealth transfer • Revalidated 2 times • Birth rates • New NonProfit Times Study • 2.4 million Americans die each year

    4. The Pyramid of Giving Donor Commit ment Investment Planned Giving Involvement+ Interest+ Donor Growth Major Giving Information+ Identification+ Donor Contact Annual Giving

    5. The Pyramid of Giving Planned Giving 60% 20% Major Giving Percentage of Dollars Annual Giving 20%

    6. The Second Donor Pyramid Planned Giving Planned Giving Major Giving Annual Giving

    7. The “Second” Pyramid • Identification • Qualification • Cultivation • Education • Stewardship • Solicitation

    8. Planned Giving Essentials What you need to know to talk with donors

    9. Planned Giving Alphabet Soup Bequest Property Gifts that generate income for the donor Simple Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) Charitable Remainder Trust (CRUT,CRAT) Charitable Lead Trust (CLUT, CLAT)

    10. Planned Gifts • Bequest • Charitable Gift Annuity • Charitable Remainder Trust • Life Estate Contract • Charitable Lead Trust • Life Insurance Policy • Pooled Income Funds

    11. Life Income Gifts • Gift provides payment to donor during life • Charitable Gift Annuity • Charitable Remainder Trust • Pooled Income Fund

    12. Three stages of Planned Giving • Marketing • Gift Planning • Stewardship

    13. Marketing • Direct Mail • Check box on reply card • Newsletters • Planned Gift Mailings • Web • Telephone • E-mail

    14. Every Annual Fund Donor is a Planned Gift Prospect • Every donor—has capacity to make a bequest • Many donors—have capacity to fund a charitable gift annuity (CGA) • Some donors—can also fund other gift instruments (charitable lead trust, charitable remainder trust, etc.)

    15. Continuum of Direct Response INTERACTIVE NON-INTERACTIVE Face to Face Telephone Call Video Tape Direct Mail Mass Ads TARGETING PERSONALIZATION

    16. Donor Pyramid with Direct Response Continuum Face to Face Telephone Call VideoTape Direct Mail Mass Ads Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE

    17. The Development Gap

    18. Integrated Planned Giving • Apply direct response techniques to fill the gap • Two way communication • More personal • Measurable and repeatable • Direct Response Moves Management • Every contact with the donor affects affinity • Every contact should move the donor toward making a (Planned) gift

    19. Integrated Annual Fund Program

    20. Gift Planning • Will commitment by mail or phone • Collecting information for a CGA illustration

    21. Stewardship • Thank you calls • Birthday cards/holiday cards • Caller training • Legacy Society • Events on campus

    22. File Segmentation For Planned Giving

    23. Annual Giving is the single largest predicator of future large gifts

    24. Finding leads is the easy part • Enhanced data selects • Flag (plus) • High Affinity non-donors • Total donor relationship • Age based/wealth based gifts

    25. The Later Years

    26. Age Based Gifts • FLAG • Frequency of giving • Over a specified period • Length of time on the file (LOTOF) • Age • Gender • Title • Recent death in household • Specific School or College

    27. Gifts of Wealth • Length of time on the file (LOTOF) • Largest one-time gift (LOTG) • Total cumulative giving • Wealth rating indicator • Prospect research

    28. Who we don’t want • Anyone assigned to a gift officer • Off the chart wealth • Legacy Society Members* • * unless to discover the specifics of their gift • Board Members, Development Committee, etc.

    29. The One thing • The one hard and fast rule: • Do not combine asks in one message

    30. Continuous Lifetime GivingThe Giving Lifecycle

    31. Lifestage Annual Fund • New RuffaloCODY program • Identify and target older, lapsing Annual Fund donors • Develop relationship with Institution • Begin Planned Gift Marketing

    32. Planned Giving CommentsLifestage • Can’t help like I used to • You send me too much mail • I get too much mail asking for money • Since spouse passed away, trying to “stay involved”

    33. Capacity Likelihood Data Wallet Propensity Affinity Current Interest Heart Probability/Possibility

    34. Planned Giving in the Annual Fund Call

    35. Annual Fund Call is transaction oriented Call follows script Caller part of process Solicitation done by caller Planned Giving Call is relationship oriented Script follows call Caller visible Solicitation done by client Annual Fund vs Planned Giving

    36. Caller Profile • Gender • Age • Life Experience • PG Knowledge • Training

    37. Train Your AF Callers • Planned Giving Knowledge • Listen • Capturing comments • What to listen for • Planned Giving Clues • Financial • Lifestage • Repeat and Ask

    38. In the Will • Thank you! • What is the donor’s interest/passion • Do you have any specific areas of interest? • What motivated you to make this gift? • Have you made gifts like this to other charities?

    39. Planned Giving CommentsPersonal • Spouse is recently deceased • Prospect in bad health • Spouse in bad health • Prospect is facing retirement • Prospect is primary caregiver for spouse/relative

    40. Planned Giving CommentsFinancial • Mentions sale of assets (business) • Gives information about assets (stocks, property) • Expresses concern about market • Has concerns about limited income • Is very knowledgeable about Life Income Gifts • Mentions tax savings

    41. Talking Planned Giving • Mr/Mrs Donor, if you were able to do____and make a gift to _____ would you be interested in finding out how • Mr/Mrs Donor, many gifts, like a CGA provide income for life and allow you to make a gift to ______. Would you like to find out…..

    42. Working with the Planned Giving Office • Provide name of Planned Giving Officer • Include in script • Callers provide to donors • Transfer comments to Planned Gift Officer • Report back to callers

    43. Progress Growth Chart

    44. RuffaloCODY Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE Vice President, Senior Consultant Planned Giving Services 800-756-7483

    45. 7 Bonus Points • PG Donors –not another term for old or big dollar donors • Sprouting donors is rooted in AF • Bank of America Ad • Experiences—unlock emotional experiences

    46. 7 Bonus Points • Specific Messages • Bequest, CGA, Insurance, Trusts • Effective use of Bequest Society • Type of Org

    47. PG Trends • Web • Wills/CGA’s comprise bulk of gifts • Stand alone programs decline • Mass appeal marketing losing effectiveness

    48. Using the Phone to Qualify Donors Finding the Needle in the Haystack