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Welcome to a conversation about digital business Martyn Wallace PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to a conversation about digital business Martyn Wallace

Welcome to a conversation about digital business Martyn Wallace

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Welcome to a conversation about digital business Martyn Wallace

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  1. Welcome to a conversation about digital business Martyn Wallace

  2. 24 countries 313 million customers A world leading provider of integrated mobile, fixed & ICT services 120,000 employees €57 billion revenue Full network operations (21) Service reach (152)

  3. Everyone now has the power to innovate in a digital world thanks to the marriage between the two great innovation platforms of the 21st century: internet and mobile. Dr. Mike Short, VP Telefónica, Financial Times, April 2013

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  5. Digital Revolution Digital trends Digital insights Digital strategy The world today The future Customer view Our way forward

  6. 74% Most businesses feel they will be left behind - if they don’t embrace digital of businesses use social media 71% update their web site but over a third only do so less than once a year Enhanced productivity and time saving are seen as the main business advantages of using digital technology

  7. #bemoredog

  8. Consumer needs Pre-digital Digital Business needs Pre-digital Digital Creating Productivity Sharing Collaboration Working Process Management Banking Efficiency Security Protect

  9. For example… SHORT FUSE, BIG BANG LONG FUSE, BIG BANG 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 ICT and media Retail trade Education Transport and post Professional services Health Recruitment and cleaning Agriculture Arts and recreation Government services Real estate Utilities Timing (years) Construction Accommodation and food services Wholesale trade Mining Manufacturing SHORT FUSE, SMALL BANG LONG FUSE, SMALL BANG Most industries are being transformed

  10. 38 years 13 years 4 years 3 years 1 year Radio TV Internet iPod Facebook

  11. 25 mins Browsing the internet 17 mins Social networks 16 mins Listening to music Playing games 14 mins Making calls 12 mins Email 11 mins Texting 10 mins 128 Watching TV/Films 9 mins Reading books 9 mins MINUTES PER DAY Taking photos 3 mins Source: UK Smartphone Data 2012 (O2 users only)

  12. Consumers will increasingly use online to be able to make spare cash, this phenomenon is growing at a rate that no one could have predicted

  13. Sensors will get smarter and become more pervasive in 2014.

  14. Communication has become defined by sharing. We prefer to turn to our friend ‘the crowd’ for expert advice and help on every decision we make.

  15. “Allow me to communicate on any digital platform.” “Keep me connected and secure online on my chosen devices.” “Provide me with brilliant content delivered digitally wherever I am.” “Help me get great offers and buy and pay for what I want on the move.”

  16. “Help my business work smarter - by improving productivity and efficiency.” “Help my business grow – by selling and serving smarter.”

  17. Work smarter Productivity and efficiency Business growth Sell and serve smarter Attract Getting online and being seen through all channels Both internal and external audiences Retain Serving customers better. Getting closer to them: being more responsive and interactive Grow Outsourcing the business model and IT to be more efficient, agile and productive

  18. Attract Engage customers Companies need to make sure that their websites are mobilised to attract and engage with customers.  It’s far more cost effective and efficient to create a web based application than a multi platform app.

  19. Attract Important for SMBs Enables small businesses of any size and any location to be out there in mainstream. Giving small businesses a disproportionately large voice in the market.

  20. Retain

  21. Retain 10m registered O2 Wifi users Over 3m active on their smartphones and tablets, in leading venues like Debenhams, over the last 30 days. Gender and age distribution 28% 25% 22% 61% 14% 39% 5% 4% 2% 0-15 16-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+

  22. Retain

  23. Retain Intellegent survey SMS questions are based on the last answer provided. Basic survey Retailers can send opted-in contacts an SMS containing a link to anonline survey. Two-way communications Text to report/notify Notify bank when out of the country. Text council to report incidents. MMS to report Text a picture of flooded house to insurance company as part of their claim. Text for information Text bank for latest balance.

  24. Grow anywhere access work together cloud on your terms give time back to IT best value

  25. Grow Work wherever you need to Invest in future proofed technology as you move from a capex to an opex model Work seamlessly across multiple devices Give time back to IT Work collaboratively Keep everything safe in the cloud No upgrading licenses

  26. Grow Essex Services Group Weatherwise O2 Needed to consolidate ICT infrastructure Deployed Office 365 as a flexible, scalable solution: Multiple disparate teams able to collaborate over Lync and Sharepoint Saved £20k in first year Needed to upgrade IT systems and allow remote access to business information Office 365 has lifted the large Capex needed to upgrade email server Future proofed technology with cost savings Uses Box to store, share and collaborate on sales and marketing collateral Reduces need to email large files and everyone always has the latest version

  27. Connect Enable Engage Help my business work smarter Mobile voice 3G/4G Landline Broadband High Speed Internet Wifi Smartphones Tablets Mobile Broadband Pop Up Office Office 365 Evernote Priority Help my business grow