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Robyn Clipfell

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Robyn Clipfell
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Robyn Clipfell

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  1. Robyn Clipfell

  2. Where & When Was Robyn Born? • She was born here in Salem, OR at the old Salem hospital in December of 1975

  3. Education • She started getting into photography, and especially processing in high school at McNary with Bob Bulen. • She studied the visual communications course at Chemeketa and then received her associates with a photography/art major. • She then moved on to Cornish College of arts. She continues to learn by attending workshops and seminars through my membership with Professional Photographers of America, and top national photographers.

  4. Where Her Work Appears • She has been featured in four visual inspiration books through the International Library of Photography • Her images have been used in the Statesman Journal, and commercial photography, she hase done work for other businesses, and can be seen in many publications as advertisements. • In general, she does not submit work for publication.

  5. What style of photography she is known for • Clean, crisp, and bright with an emphasis on light. • “The way light can speak in an image is my favorite thing to focus on. I try to make that show off the personality of my subject in a way that makes the image all theirs, while still being obvious it was my art.”

  6. Explanation on what style is about • “I have always been very influenced by lighting. I notice right away the mood, temperature and quality of light wherever I am. Then I want to stick a person in there and make a creation. Every scene I see in every light situation, I am always thinking "who can I put in there to photograph? What type of person/family will fit there perfectly?"

  7. Early Influences • “I am very drawn to manipulating light and post process techniques.” • Ansel Adams was her very first inspiration and idol. “He was the first to really manipulate an image to turn it in to exactly what he saw in his head as compared to what he could push his camera and the lighting available to do. And I love waterfalls more than any other natural wonder. But he used chemicals and light to burn an image in a very exact way, and silver process was born which absolutely amazes me.”

  8. Where She Got Her Inspiration • “My inspiration is always in light and how the light makes you feel in any situation. Anything can amaze me, from all of nature to an especially cool building or fountain, and then finding how the lighting makes you feel, what kind of mood you can make a person feel just by looking at a scene. Then I want to put people in there and tell their story.”

  9. Unusual Facts • “I'm really not very unusual or interesting. haha. I love horses and actually love to clean stalls/barn- even though it entails shoveling poo- just to be around them and take in their amazing personality and scent. Let me tell you about the way light filters into a barn through the hay...........” • When working with Robyn, she’s a very nice, outstanding woman. She’s halarious, and has the cutest daughter ever!

  10. Image 1, Butterfly • The lighting is natural. It looks like it taken from a straight on view. Robyn says she’s passionate about lighting, and you can really tell from the background adding light • The main focus in this picture is the butterfly itself. • I think how the sharpness of the butterflies wings, and the background adding light, and it being blurred really adds to the photograph. • I don’t really think it’s telling a story, but it’s showing how beautiful nature is. • I selected this photo because it caught my eye because of the lighting and how pretty the butterfly is.

  11. Image 2 Space Needle • The lighting in this picture is nature, which most of her lighting is. • The main focus is actually in the background, which is the space needle. I think that taking this with something in the way, made it a better photo. • This photo follows the rule of thirds, and the background is sharp, bring out the space needle. • I think that Robyn is showing how architecture can be beautiful, you just have to look hard. • I chose this picture because you don’t see this everyday. You don’t see the main subject in the background. I just really like the positioning, and lighting.

  12. Image 3 Waterfall • Again, the lighting is natural, taken from far away. Robyn’s favorite thing to photograph are waterfalls. • The main subject in this picture is the waterfall, and the scenery in the background. • The composition follows the rule of thirds, and the lighting of the water really adds to the picture. • I think the story is the waterfall, and the nature outside. The lighting tells the story of the water. • I chose this picture because Robyn said her favorite thing to photograph are waterfalls, so I thought I would put one in this report

  13. Image 4 Mexico Beach • This lighting is natural, by the sun shining through the patio in Mexico. • I think that the main subject in this photograph is the scenery in general. The Mexico sub, the swings on the porch, the beach, everything makes this picture beautiful. • This picture definitely follows the rule of thirds. And the sun also brings in the lighting which is another main point. • I think the story is just the relaxation of vacation. • I chose this photo because of the lighting, and how it’s kind of purple ish, it popped out at me

  14. Image 5 Mexico • This photo was taken on the beaches of Mexico, with natural lighting. • The main subject in this picture is the post and rope, and the little waves up front. I can tell by the lighting that’s used from the background, and the focal point being the post. • This photo follows the rule of thirds because the post intervenes with the cross points • I don’t think there’s a story, but it does show that it’s a peaceful place to be, and it’s beautiful • I chose this picture because it’s very simple, and very blissful. I just love the water and the color of the wood together.

  15. Image 6 Country Road • The lighting is natural, because it was taken outside from a distance. • The main focus of this to me, is the tree’s and the clouds. It’s very “Oregon morning” like. • This follows the rule of thirds, where the clouds above the tree’s intersects with the tic tac toe board. • I think Robyn was again trying to show the nature, the beautiful lighting that can be portrayed in the early morning. • I really like this picture because it’s showing a farm, tree’s, what true Oregon is about.

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