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For Sale. Guerrilla. What is Gorilla Marketing?. Session Objective. To give you an overview of Guerrilla Marketing To ask you to examine your marketing behaviours To get you to think outside the box To challenge you to see if there is a better way of marketing your business

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For Sale


What is Gorilla Marketing?

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Session Objective

To give you an overview of Guerrilla Marketing

To ask you to examine your marketing behaviours

To get you to think outside the box

To challenge you to see if there is a better way of marketing your business

To entertain you for the next hour or so!

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What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a body of unconventional ethical ways of pursuing conventional goals

Guerrilla marketing is a proven method of achieving profits with minimum outlay

Guerrilla marketing can be as different from conventional marketing as guerrilla warfare is from conventional warfare

Guerrilla marketing is about matching the wits of your competitors, rather than their budgets.

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Why is there a need for Guerrilla Marketing?

Small business failures are reaching record numbers and one of the main reasons for the failures is a failure to understand marketing

Guerrilla marketing has been proven in action to work for small businesses around the world. It works because it's simple to understand, easy to implement and outrageously inexpensive.

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Why is there a need for Guerrilla Marketing?

It Provides:

certainty in an uncertain world,

economy in a high-priced world,

simplicity in a complicated world, and

marketing awareness in a clueless world.

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What is a Guerrilla Entrepreneur?

Guerrilla entrepreneurs know that the journey is the goal. They also realise that they are in control of the enterprise, not the other way around, and that if they are dissatisfied with the journey, that they are missing the point of the journey itself.

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What is a Guerrilla Entrepreneur?

The guerrilla entrepreneur always operates according to a plan, They know who they are, where they are going, and how they will get there. they are prepared, know that anything can and will happen, and can deal with the barriers to success because their plan has foreseen them and shown exactly how to surmount them.

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What is a Guerrilla Entrepreneur?

Plan Re Evaluator

The guerrilla entrepreneur is flexible. He or she is guided by a strategy but knows the difference between a guide and a master. When it is necessary for change, the guerrilla changes, accepting change as part of the status quo, not ignoring or battling it. He or she adapts to new situations, realises that service is whatever their customers want it to be, and knows that inflexible things become brittle and break.

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What is a Guerrilla Entrepreneur?

The guerrilla entrepreneur is constantly learning. Guerrillas have an enormous appetite for new information.

They Read

Watch TV, Videos anything

Listen to most anything

They Get Involved

They Complete Qualifications

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Guerrilla Marketing Yourself?

Whether you know it or not, you're marketing yourself every day, because everyday you need to:

Make a sale,

Interest a prospect,

Make new associations or to network,

In short you are always sending messages about yourself

But how are you sending these messages?

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Guerrilla Marketing Yourself?






Facial hair


Business card





What you carry

Eye contact



Tone of voice





Nervous habits




Writing ability

Phone use








Energy level

Comfort online

Do Your Clients Like What They See?

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3 Questions About Marketing Yourself

1. Who are you now? If friends described you, what would they say? Be honest rather than complimentary.

2. What do you want out of life? Be specific.3. How will you know when you've achieved it?

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How do you market yourself right now?

You market yourself with:

Your letters

Your emails

Your website

Your notes

Your faxes and

Your brochures and other printed material.

You also market yourself with your attitude and your ethics

How’re your ethics and attitude!

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Attitudes & Ethics?

How is;

Your attitude to your colleagues

Your attitude to your customers

Your attitude to your industry

Your attitude to your competitors, and

How are your Business ethics.

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4 Hardest Things to do Are!

Getting to know yourself

Working out exactly what you want

Getting round to writing it all down

Actually doing something about it.

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10 Reality Checks!

1. The state of the economy must always be considered, for it dictates which marketing tactics will work best. In a difficult economy, guerrillas adjust their marketing by speaking more to customers than prospects and by working like demons to gain referral and follow-up business.

2. The competitive scene is part of reality because competitors have more information than ever before, and they use it to add fuel to their marketing. You just can’t ignore competitors who are out to win the hearts and minds of your customers.

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10 Reality Checks!

3. The latest technology is reality because it enables guerrillas to produce more marketing tools, to expose their message to more people, and to reduce their marketing costs as they become increasingly involved with desktop publishing, the Internet, speedy communications and affordable new media.

4. The news of the day has a major impact on reality. Your prospects keep up with the news and they react accordingly. Unless you do the same, expect the worst.

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10 Reality Checks!

5. Reality also includes your marketing budget because you must live within it and make it stretch to its fullest extent. Now, more than ever, that budget enables guerrillas to market actively but not expensively.

6. Reality is the inevitable clutter of other marketing, the blizzard of direct mail each day, the increasing sophistication of marketing techniques that your clients and prospects receive.

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10 Reality Checks!

7. Reality is knowing that your prospects have things on their mind other than your marketing and as to why they should buy what you’re selling. Guerrillas adapt their marketing to that reality by facing it squarely.

8. Reality is knowing the difference between a motivating marketing message and a clever marketing message. Many marketers haven’t a clue as to the difference and often mistake the two.

Do You Know the Difference?

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10 Reality Checks!

9. Alas, reality is also a ho-hum attitude on the public’s mind when it comes to marketing. They have many things to consider each day and you can be pretty certain that marketing is not one of them.

10. Finally, reality is knowing the value of commitment to your plan. Reality is seeing clearly that marketing is not an event, but a process. It’s a process that takes time. If you’re not willing to invest that time, along with your money and your energy, you’re living in an unreal world. Guerrillas strive to live in the same world as their prospects and customers.

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A Guerrilla Entrepreneur?

Knows that the journey is the goal

Achieves balance from the very start

Is not in a hurry

Uses stress as a benchmark

Looks forward to work

Lives in the present

Understands the precious nature of time

Operates according to a plan

Has an upbeat attitude .

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Attitudinal Transformation

Attitudinal Transformation takes time effort and determination, but can be done

Identify the negative attitudes that you have, then work on them one at a time replacing them with positive attitudes And be patient.

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A Guerrilla Entrepreneur?

Is guided by a strategy

Aims for results more than growth

Is dependent upon many people

Is constantly learning

Is passionate about work

Is focused on the goal

Has no weaknesses

Is fusion-oriented

Is disciplined about the tasks at hand.

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Guerrilla Design

Guerrilla Marketing Design is PURPOSEFUL

Guerrillas design for RECOGNITION

Guerrilla’s design for READABILITY

Guerrilla’s design for SIMPLICITY

Guerrillas design for SELECTIVE EMPHASIS.

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Guerrilla Design

Guerrillas design to be VISUAL

Guerrillas design for EFFICIENCY

Guerrillas recognise design's LIMITATION

Guerrillas design freely by DELEGATION

Guerrilla designers are CRAFTSMEN.

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Call to Action Adds

Act now and save 20% on next month's price!

Register Today and Get Started Immediately

Click to Hear What My Clients Have to Say

Attend Tonight's Course and Learn how to Enhance Customer Loyalty.

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Guerrilla Tips

Commit totally to your business

Share your profits to help develop the business

Motivate your partners

Treat every sales person who visits you as special

Communicate all that you know

Appreciate what your associates do.

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Guerrilla Tips

Celebrate your success

Listen to everyone in your company

Exceed your customer's expectations

Control your expenses better than competitors

Swim upstream and avoid conventional wisdom

Don’t sound canned.

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Guerrilla Tips

Be an Expert

Educate your clients (send them articles or newsletters or train them)

Visit people who have stopped using your services, don’t phone!

Publicise your name and logo

Leave a list of all the reasons someone should use you when you visit a client.

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Guerrilla Tips

Mirror your client

Sell your benefits, not your tools or equipment

Create urgency

Ask for the sale (what do I have to do to get the order now?)

Sell to specific people (not a standard pitch)

Send a note of thanks to the people you called on

Sell by appointment, cold call in between.

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Guerrilla Marketers are Sales Pro’s

Are You A Sales Pro?

The sales pro shows consistency

The sales pro shows persistence

The sales pro is thorough

The sales pro does little things well

The sales pro is detail conscious

The sales pro keeps accurate sales call records.

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Guerrilla Marketers are Sales Pro’s

Are You A Sales Pro?

The sales pro follows-up by phone, by mail and in person

The sales pro sets aside 2-3 hours a week to telephone for appointments and thank last weeks calls

The sales pro keeps their promises

How about it - are you a sales pro?

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Guerrilla Marketing is Ethical

Guerrilla Marketing is Fun

Guerrilla Marketers think outside the box

Guerrilla Marketing is Cheaper

Guerrilla Marketing Works

Can You Be A Guerrilla Marketer?