urine specimen collection l.
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Urine Specimen Collection

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Urine Specimen Collection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Urine Specimen Collection. Heather Nelson, RN. Urine Specimens. Collected for a number of tests: Clean voided specimens For routine urinalysis Clean-catch or midstream urine specimens For urine culture Timed urine specimens

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Urine Specimen Collection

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urine specimen collection

Urine Specimen Collection

Heather Nelson, RN

urine specimens
Urine Specimens
  • Collected for a number of tests:
    • Clean voided specimens
      • For routine urinalysis
    • Clean-catch or midstream urine specimens
      • For urine culture
    • Timed urine specimens
      • For a variety of tests that depend of the client’s specific health problem
obtaining samples
Obtaining Samples
  • Clients need varying degrees of instruction and assistance to provide clean voided specimens.
  • About 120 ml (4 oz) of urine is generally required.
  • Clients who are seriously ill, physically incapacitated, or disoriented may need to use a bedpan or urinal in bed. Others may require supervision and/or assistance in the bathroom.
directions for collection
Directions for Collection
  • The nurse should explain that all specimens must be free of fecal contamination, so voiding needs to occur at a different time from defection.
  • Instruct female clients to discard toilet tissue in the toilet or in a waste bag rather than in the bedpan or hat, since tissue in the specimen makes laboratory analysis more difficult.
obtaining specimen
Obtaining Specimen
  • When the specimen is obtained, put the lid tightly on the container to prevent spillage and contamination.
  • Label the specimen.
obtaining timed specimens
Obtaining Timed Specimens
  • All timed urine specimens should be refrigerated to prevent bacterial growth and decomposition of the urine components.
  • Each voiding of urine is collected in a clean container and then emptied immediately into the large refrigerated bottle.
obtaining timed samples
Obtaining Timed Samples
  • Alert signs are placed in the client’s room to remind staff of the test in progress.
  • Specimen identification labels need to indicate the date and time of each voiding in addition to the usual identification information.
obtaining timed samples8
Obtaining Timed Samples
  • Clients need to be told why the test is being done and how they can assist.
  • Instructions should include the following:
    • All urine must be saved and placed in the specimen containers once the test starts.
    • The urine must be free of fecal contamination and toilet tissue.
    • Each specimen must be given to the nursing staff immediately so that it can be placed in the appropriate specimen bottle.
obtaining timed samples9
Obtaining Timed Samples
  • The collection period is started by having the client void in the toilet, bedpan, or urinal.
    • This urine is usually discarded, but check facility procedure.
  • All subsequent urine specimens are collected.