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Past Simple

Past Simple

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Past Simple

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  1. Past Simple • Present Simple or Past Simple • We (to like) to cook but we (not to like) to wash the dishes. • Who (to ring) you up an hour ago? • I (to have) dinner with my family yesterday. • One of her brothers (to make) a tour of Europe last summer. • Who (to paint) the world-known picture “Mona Lisa”? • Steven’s friends (to come) to his birthday party last night and (to give) him wonderful presents. • Antonio Stradivari (to make) wonderful violins. • Mike (to know) Spanish very well. • You always (to get )up at seven o’clock?- No, sometimes I ( to get) at half past seven. • Tim always (to eat) breakfast. • On Monday we have five lessons. The first lesson is Russian. At this lesson we write a dictation and some exercises. Nick goes to the blackboard. He answers well and gets a “five” . Peter does not get “five", because he does not know his lesson. After the second lesson I go to the canteen. I eat a sandwich and drink a cup of tea. I do not drink milk. After school I do not go home at once. I go to the library and change the book. Then I go home. • She (to study) English two hours ago. • Yesterday I (to come) home from school at half past eight. I (to be) very tired. • After dinner I (to be) very thirsty. • We (not rest) yesterday. • Last week she (to write) a funny story about her pet. • We (to enjoy) swimming in the ocean last weekend. • The bus (to arrive) at 9 o’clock. • Their little girl (to cry) a little and then (to smile). • The children (to clean) the yard and then they (to play) basketball. 10. Yesterday Tom (not to eat) breakfast because he (to get) up late.

  2. Our dream country is ITALY

  3. Sights

  4. Rome. Life in the city

  5. Restaurants

  6. Vatican

  7. St.Peter’s square.

  8. Vatican. Dome of St.Peter’s Cathedral

  9. Vatican

  10. Sistine Chapel

  11. Sistine Chapel

  12. Fountain Trevi

  13. Bridge Tsestija

  14. Campania. Capital-Naples

  15. Vesuvius

  16. Welcome to Italy

  17. Rio de Janeiro

  18. Sao-Paulo

  19. Amazonia

  20. Iguacu Falls

  21. Carnival in Rio

  22. TV program “Around the world”

  23. Quiz • 1.How many parts of the country are situated on the Island of Great Britain? a)3 b)4 c)5 • 2.The capital of Australia is: a) Sydney b) Canberra C )Moscow • 3.The capital of the USA is: a) New York b) Los Angeles c)Washington • 4.Tower Clock, the symbol of London is called: a)Big Dan b)Big Ben c)Big Man • 5.How many states are there in the USA? a)50 b)51 c)48 • 6.British children receive Christmas presents on: a) December,26 b) December,25 c) December,24 • 7.This country is in Asia. The main language is Japanese. The capital city is Tokyo, in the north-east. This country is famous for fish and the Mount Fuji. Can you name this country? • 8. This country is in Europe. The main industry is tourism. The country is famous for the perfumery and for the elegant shoes and clothes. The main language is French. • 9.The street in New York , center of theatres, cabarets, cinema houses and other lind of entertainment is called: a)Wall Street b)Broadway c) 5th Avenue • 10. The official residence of the Queen of Great Britain is: a) the Tower b) Westminster c) Buckingham Palace