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Career. Gear:. A Checklist. Brought to you by The Get a Job Workshop. Career Gear. Your first, and most important , MarCom job , is creating a campaign to get a MarCom job. Career Gear. Here’s what you need…. Career Gear. Your Resumé Your Brand Story Your Strategy

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  1. Career Gear: A Checklist. Brought to you by The Get a Job Workshop

  2. Career Gear Your first, and most important, MarCom job, is creating a campaignto get a MarCom job.

  3. Career Gear Here’s what you need…

  4. Career Gear • Your Resumé • Your Brand Story • Your Strategy • Your Portfolio • Online Presence • Personal Brand Contact Points

  5. Career Gear Your Resumé • It won’t get you the job, but a badly done one, will eliminate you. • Include a picture. Why not? • It also demonstrates technical skill • Develop a “twesumé” 140 characters • Different job objectives? You might want to have different resumés.

  6. Career Gear OK, that’s a start.But what’s next?

  7. Career Gear Your Brand Story • Who are you? What makes you special? • Got an “elevator pitch?” 30 seconds. • What are you working on right now? • Anything visual? Logo? Business card? • What’s the next chapter? • Where are you headed? • Do you have a follow-up plan?

  8. Career Gear OK, now we know your story.That’s nice. So… What’s your Strategyto get there?

  9. Career Gear Your Strategy • 1. Your Career Objectives. • In a general way, what kind of job do you want? • What kind of job are you currently qualified for? • Short-Term/Long-Term • Do you need an entry-level strategy first? • Qualifications • What are you doing to become better qualified?

  10. Career Gear Your Strategy • 2. Your Target Audience. • Who do you need to know? • What are the entry points to reach them? • Your Secondary Target • Who do you know that knows who you need to know? • Your First Impression • What will you do when you reach this target?

  11. Career Gear Your Strategy • 3. What is Your Benefit? • Why hire you? • What do you know about what they need? • What Makes You a Desirable Hire? • Why should they want to hire you? • What Makes You Easy to Hire? • How can you make their hiring decision easier?

  12. Career Gear Your Strategy • 4. What is Your Plan to… Go To Market! [ Timetable & Tactics ]

  13. Career Gear Plans are nice.Now we needsomething real!

  14. Career Gear s Your Portfolio • Intro Portfolio: • Online – easy to access – easy to review. • + A Promotional Piece– Unique & impactful • + A Presentation Portfolio: • You need to have a “second act.” • You also need to demonstrate presentation skills. • One More Fun Fact. • Now, even account execs need a portfolio!

  15. Career Gear So…What are you doing while you’re waiting to get hired?You’re building your…

  16. Career Gear Online Presence • What’s Your “OP?” • You need to demonstrate your digital proficiency. • Find unique ways to deliver your brand message. • Digital Differentiation • More than LinkedIn and some stuff online. • Demonstrate Social Media Skills. • Right now, it’s a major growth area. They’re hiring.

  17. Career Gear Finally…You need the toolsto keep on keeping on…

  18. Career Gear Personal Brand Contact Points. • These help you establish yourself. • These help you follow up. • These help you stay in contact. • Here are some examples…

  19. Career Gear Personal Brand Contact Points. Personal Brand Contact Points. • Business Cards and… • You should have a business card. • It should look good. Professional. • Clever and fun is OK, if it makes you seem like a desirable hire. • Don’t stop there…

  20. Career Gear Personal Brand Contact Points. • Note Cards & “3-ups” • Something you can use for contact without bothering with stationery. • Like these…

  21. Career Gear Personal Brand Contact Points. • Printed Pieces • Posters for Projects • CD covers… • Invitations & Greeting Cards

  22. Career Gear Personal Brand Contact Points. • Digital Promo Pieces • YouTube & more • Online events • Online invites to real events. • Whatever…

  23. Career Gear Keep at it.Keep at it.Keep at it.

  24. Career Gear Your Checklist: • Portfolio(s) • Your “OP” • (Online Presence) • Personal Brand Contact Points • Your Resumé • Brand Story • Your “Go to Market” Strategy

  25. Career Gear Questions? • Yes. One big question. What progress are you making on your Career Gear Checklist?

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