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Rudyard Lake Sailing Club PowerPoint Presentation
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Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

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Rudyard Lake Sailing Club
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Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

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  1. Rudyard LakeSailing Club RYA Level 1 Start Sailing Stuart Scrimgeour Chief Instructor RYA Senior Instructor RYA Powerboat Trainer

  2. Domestics • Fire Escape Routes • First Aid Location • Toilets and Changing Rooms • Smoking Policy • Wet and Dry Areas • Course Times, Breaks and Leaving

  3. Sailing is a fantastic and diverse sport, with activities to suit everyone. The RYA National Sailing Scheme has been designed to help you enjoy whichever aspect of the sport that appeals to you. All the courses in the scheme can be taken in a dinghy, keelboat or multihull so you can have tuition in whatever type of boat you wish. Good SailingDavid RitchieRYA Chief Dinghy and Powerboat Coach The RYA National Sailing Scheme Seamanship Skills Day Sailing Sailing with Spinnakers Start Racing Performance Sailing Basic Skills Start Sailing Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

  4. Rigging Ropework Sailing Techniques Launching & Recovery Sailing Theory & Background Meteorology Capsize Recovery Start Sailing Level 1 Course Contents Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

  5. Considerations Temperature Location Time afloat Type of boat Conditions Wind and spray Your health Possible Clothing Tracksuit/fleece/t shirts Spray suits Wet suit Dry suit Sailing jacket and trousers Trainers/plimpsolls/wet suit boots/wellingtons Hat and gloves Clothing Preparation Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

  6. Life Jacketvs.Buoyancy Aid Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

  7. Launching & Recovery • More damage occurs to sailing dinghies ashore than on the water • Never step or jump into a boat when on dry land • When moving a dinghy on a trolley, ensure the bow is tied down and if the rudder is fitted it is secured in an up position • When moving a dinghy on a trolley be aware of the overhang of the stern, especially when turning in a crowded boat park. • Consider the mast & overhead obstacles • Do not hoist the main sail when ashore • Float the boat off its trolley, do not push it off. • Once floated, store the trolley where it will not affect other water users or the public. • When beaching a dinghy, pull it clear of the water, so as to avoid the hull grinding on stones or rocks, as the waves/water continuously move it. Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

  8. Time to go afloat

  9. Wind Awareness

  10. Wind Awareness • Where do we find out where the wind is coming from ? • Can you name 5 ways of finding out?

  11. Wind Awareness Sources of wind direction information • Flags • Burgee • Smoke • Back of the neck or face • Sails • Other boats • Ripples on the water Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

  12. Stopping a boat

  13. Stopping a boat • How do we stop a boat without brakes? • Basic Hove to. • Hove to. • Move our weight to the stern.

  14. Basic Hove To! WIND We want to slow down and stop. What do we do? We let the sails go so that the wind blows through them Wind blows through the sails The Boat Slows Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

  15. Hove To! WIND Back the jib and push the tiller away. Let the Main Fly. Boat Turns Wind Leave the Centreboard Down Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

  16. WIND Wind takes over Turn Stops Boat Turns Rudder takes over The process starts again Wind fills the sails Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

  17. Points of Sail

  18. Points of Sail Tacking ? Close Hauled ? Close Hauled STARBOARD ? No Go Zone PORT BeamReach BeamReach ? ? Broad Reach Broad Reach ? ? Dead Run ? Gybing ?

  19. Parts of the Boat

  20. Burgee BoatParts Head Batten Luff Mast Main sail Leech Forestay Jib / Genoa Shroud Tack Main Sheet Foot Rudder Boom Clew Rudyard Lake Sailing Club

  21. Rules of the Road

  22. Rules of the Road • 3no Basic Rules • Starboard Rule • Windward Rule • Overtaking Rule

  23. Rules of the Road Starboard Rule Who has right of way? Boat B A boat on STARBOARD tack (the wind coming over the starboard side) has right of way over a boat on port tack. PORT TACK STARBOARD TACK A B

  24. Rules of the Road Windward Rule Who has right of way? Boat B A The boat nearest to the wind gives way. Both boats are STARBOARD TACK B

  25. Rules of the Road Overtaking Rule B Both Boats are on PORT TACK Who has right of way? Boat B A Overtaking boat keeps clear