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P10712 Cheesecake Process Improvement PowerPoint Presentation
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P10712 Cheesecake Process Improvement

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P10712 Cheesecake Process Improvement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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P10712 Cheesecake Process Improvement. Andreana Crance , Kevin Rodas , Rob Santora , Jeremy Smith, Matt Syska. Meeting Agenda. P10712 Cheesecake Process Improvement.

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P10712 Cheesecake Process Improvement

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p10712 cheesecake process improvement

P10712Cheesecake Process Improvement

AndreanaCrance, Kevin Rodas, Rob Santora, Jeremy Smith, Matt Syska

p10712 cheesecake process improvement3
P10712 Cheesecake Process Improvement

The mission for the cheesecake process improvement is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of cheesecake production in order to meet customer demand in both quantity and quality of the cheesecakes.

Focusing on:

Worker Safety

Worker Productivity

Efficiency of Process

Proper utilization of equipment

Scrap Reduction

project approach
Project Approach
  • Due to the scattered processes taking place for the cheesecakes, we thought it would be best to break the project into larger categories:
      • Greasing
      • Crumbing
      • Pre-Tunnel Oven
        • Mixing, Pouring, Loading Oven
      • Post-Tunnel Oven
        • Unloading oven, into freezer
      • Slicing
      • Packaging

What we have observed in Greasing:

  • Pre process clean up
  • Sprayer Calibration
  • Human bending
what we have observed in crumbing
What we have observed in Crumbing:
  • No Direct Observation as of


  • Known Issues:
    • Uneven distribution of crumbs
      • Leads to scrap issues
    • Manual process
    • Nonconformity of crumb size
    • Crumb displacement at batter drop (pre-oven load)
pre tunnel
  • Cluttered area
  • Human bending
  • Labor intensive
post tunnel
  • Cluttered area
  • Manual process
  • No standards
slicing issues
Slicing Issues
  • 5S issues
  • Labor Utilization
  • Material Handling transitions
  • Scrap Issues
  • Machine maintenance reactive
    • TPM – Be proactive!
  • Staffing setup
  • Almost identical labels (marble vs. plain)
  • Lack of Quality Check-One instance of packing defective cheesecake
  • Walking
  • 2s spin time for machine
  • Ergonomics – Bending and reaching
  • Putting covers on causes quality issues / lost productivity
  • No monitoring of cheesecake time on floor (out of freezer)
  • Variation in results due to lack of process control
  • No dedicated labor
  • Reaching and bending
  • Lack of organization
overall issues
Overall Issues
  • No standard procedure
  • No standard location for equipment on floor
  • Improper/inadequate tools used
  • Lack of set schedule for cheesecake process
  • Variable batch sizes
  • Lack of standard quality checks
  • Unnecessary movement (time & ergonomics concern)
  • Current machines may not be ideal
  • Lack of continuous flow
list of possible ideas
List of Possible Ideas
  • Efficiency
    • Standardize batch size
    • Continuous flow of process
    • Waste reduction maintenance for equipment: Dropper, greaser, slicer
    • Standard locations for materials and equipment
list of possible ideas25
List of Possible Ideas
  • Scrap
    • Quality Checks: “Defect Board”
    • Calibration of equipment: Dropper, greaser, etc.
  • Efficiency, Safety
    • Reduce total travel distance: people and materials
  • Efficiency, Safety, Equipment
    • Eliminating unnecessary motions, providing proper tools
list of possible ideas26
List of Possible Ideas
  • Crumbing - (Labor Utilization, Scrap, Equipment)
    • Automated or assisted “Crumber”
  • Pre/Post Tunnel Oven - (Scrap, Utilization)
    • Regulate water for baking: volume controlled and assisted
  • Packaging - (Scrap, Efficiency, Utilization)
    • Alternative packaging methods