based from stargate sg1 seasons 9 and 10 l.
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Origin By Justin Bennett

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Origin By Justin Bennett - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Based from Stargate SG1 Seasons 9 and 10. Origin By Justin Bennett. The Ori. The Ori are a group of beings that have risen to a higher plane of existence, in other words they have ascended.

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the ori
The Ori
  • The Ori are a group of beings that have risen to a higher plane of existence, in other words they have ascended.
  • This group of beings, unlike their predecessors, decided to follow a religious path by making others follow their lead.
  • They are considered gods, when in actuality they are merely using their powers to control people to increase their overall goal, total dominance.
history of the ori and origin
History of the Ori and Origin
  • The Ori and another group of beings called the Alterans (Later known as the Ancients), lived once in harmony and peace.
  • The Ori didn’t like what the Alterans were doing, investing their time and effort into science and reason to ascend, the Ori wanted power and wealth.
  • Both the Ori and the Ancients ascended after a certain period of time, but the Ori were still not pleased with the Ancients so they tried to wipe them out.
  • The Ancients created the humans in the milky way galaxy, shielding them from the Ori, but when the Ori finally reached the Milky Way galaxy they did not stop them from converting those who wanted to follow the path of Origin as they called it, or even stop them when they eliminated those who wouldn’t follow blindly to their religion. The Ancients are a remote god, just like Lilla explains in her book The Stillborn God.
the book of origin
The Book of Origin
  • This is their bible, like most religions there is a text to what they believe in. They use it to depict the Ori’s path to enlightenment and their ultimate path to ascension.
  • What the Priors or the other followers of the Ori don’t know though is that the book doesn’t actually explain the right path to ascension because the Ori want to keep their powers to themselves, the followers will never reach that higher level of existence.
belief system
Belief System
  • One part of their belief system is that the Ori make their followers blind, not in the literal sense but figuratively, not allowing them to fully understand the powers that they possess and that they want it all to themselves.
  • Another belief held by the Ori is that those who follow the Ori are blessed with knowledge, those who fail to see the path of the Ori must be eliminated.
belief system continued
Belief System Continued
  • The last belief that is held would have to be ascension, that anyone can ascend into a higher being that can live basically forever. The Ori try to make it sound like becoming an ascended being is the only reason for living and that this should be your only goal, along with worshiping the Ori.
the breakdown of the followers
The Breakdown of the Followers
  • Doci:
    • There is only one Doci, he is the supreme commander of the Priors, along with being the speaker of the Ori.
  • Priors:
    • The Priors are the ones spreading Origin around, they go planet to planet in search of followers and they decide who will follow and who will not for elimination.
  • Ori warriors:
    • The Ori Warriors are the ones responsible for taking over planets, enslaving the followers of the Ori, and destroying the ones who will not bow before the Ori.
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  • Stargate SG1 Episodes from seasons 9 and 10
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