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MCC Banner Student Module PowerPoint Presentation
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MCC Banner Student Module

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MCC Banner Student Module
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MCC Banner Student Module

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  1. MCC Banner Student Module Thursday, March 4, 2004

  2. What is Banner? • One database with multiple systems • Multiple systems: Alumni/Development Finance Financial Aid Human Resources Student

  3. One Data Base

  4. Banner • Forms…not screens • Form Names…not screen numbers • Information is entered once and then displayed on various forms throughout all systems • No longer storing the same data in separate databases (like SIS+) • Example: One general person record who may also be an admission’s recruit, current student, college employee, MCC graduate or student aide. One record fully describes the person

  5. Banner • Forms • “Screens” that display data taken from the one record maintained in system. • Example: One Local Address is displayed on a number of different forms in Banner. • Tables • Lists maintained in Banner and used to enter data. (Similar to a data element) • Example: Hold Types – there are specific hold types entered on the validation table which can be assigned to a record. • Rules • Rules are entered on rule forms, which are made up of data elements which have been defined in validation tables. • Rules are an action. • Example: B holds prevent transcript production & future registrations.

  6. Icon Key Info Block Title Bar Form Layout: All forms are going to look different, because they have different uses, and display different information. They all have similar characteristics. Below is a screen shot of SPAPERS – General Person Form within the Student Module Radio Button Fields Hint or Stat Line Checkboxes Pull-down List

  7. Banner Navigation Accessing Forms: There are several methods to access the desired form, using the Main Menu. The Main Menu provides an overview of the menus, forms, jobs, and QuickFlows in SCT Banner. You can use the Main Menu to navigate through SCT Banner. The Main Menu has several parts… Toolbarr Pull Down List Direct Access Menu Bar Left Pane Auto Hint/Status Line Menus are arranged in a hierarchy. The Left Pane shows the various levels of menus at your institution. The Right Pane shows the contents of the menu that is selected in the left pane. The selected item in the left pane will display in blue text. The right pane has two columns, the selection Description and their Names. Right Pane

  8. Banner Timeline Start and Go-Live Dates FinanceStudent Start 7/2003 Start 9/2004 Go Live 9/2004 Go Live 9/2006 Human ResourcesAdmissions Start 11/2003 Go Live 10/2005 Go Live 1/2005 AdvancementCatalog & Master Schedule Start 1/2005 Go Live 2/2006 Go Live 2/2006 Financial AidRegistration Start 2/2005 Go Live 3/2006 Go Live 2/2006 CAPP (degree audit) Go Live 10/2006

  9. MCC Banner Executive Committee Jeffrey Bartkovich--Chair, Janet Glocker, Chet Grzelak, Susan Salvador, Brenda Babitz, Richard Degus, Marie Fetzner,Bob Bertram MCC Banner Steering Committee Marie Fetzner--Chair, Melissa Barbara, Bob Bertram, Susan Gurak, Sherrill Ison, Sherry Ralston, Betsy Ripton, Diane Shoger, Taine Vinci, Deb Watson, Chuck White, Maddy Cuciti (includes Data Standards and Reporting) Advancement Team Diane Shoger & Susan Gurak Co-Leaders Finance Team Chuck White, Team Leader Financial Aid Team Melissa Barbara, Team Leader Human Resources Team Sherry Ralston, Team Leader Student Team Betsy Ripton & Taine Vinci, Co-Leaders Technical Team Bob Bertram, Team Leader Work Teams as needed Work Teams as needed Work Teams as needed Work Teams as needed Add Your Name Here! Work Teams as needed Monroe Community College Banner Organizational Chart

  10. Banner Student • Basic Sub-Modules in Banner Student • General Person • General Student • Curriculum, Catalog & Schedule • Faculty Load • Admissions • Registration • Academic History • Accounts Receivable • Housing • CAPP (degree audit)

  11. Sub-Mod Managers • Congratulations! You have been chosen to be a Banner Student Sub-Module Manager. • Why you? • Because you are considered an expert in an SIS+ process • You are the best person to lead a team to build your area of expertise in Banner

  12. Banner Student Leadership

  13. What to do next? • Relax! • Implementing Banner scares all of us. • Plan to attend Marie Gibson’s fabulous “Banner Navigation” seminar. (Quell your fear!) • Think about who should be a member of your sub-mod team. Think small teams with hard-working members! (Small numbers, high creativity & energy) • Analyze your work. • Lists your tasks, processes and procedures • Determine which processes are MANDATORY and which processes are NICE but not necessary • With the help of your Student Mod Leader, you’ll begin to plan/document BPAs for your area (Yes, you’ll be able to use cool Banner words like BPA very soon!)

  14. What is a BPA? • BPA=Business Process Analysis • Why bother to document our current work in SIS when we’ll do it differently in Banner? • Understanding the details of our current processes will help us make decisions about how to use Banner. • Understanding the problems with our current processes will help us remember to fix them in Banner. • We’ll be very busy --- documentation will help us remain on track and make good decisions as we move to Banner.

  15. What is a BPA? • We’ll teach you how to create a BPA and work with you to prioritize your “to-do” list • We’ll triage your “to-do” list and create BPAs for your “must have” processes first. • Remember the 80/20 rule and focus on processes that affect the most customers. • These BPAs will help when you document the Banner processes. You will remain the expert!

  16. Next Steps • Step 1: Set Meeting with your module leader • Step 2: Plan work team • Step 3: Set aside weekly Banner work/meeting time • Step 4: List all of your business processes • Step 5: Prioritize your BPAs • (See, you are using that cool Banner lingo!) • Step 6: Begin BPA-ing • (Really cool Banner lingo!) • Step 7: Review Student Task list to plan future steps • Step 8: Think positive. No tears after reading task list.

  17. Our Resources • SICAS Center – Student Information & Campus Administrative Systems (liaison between SUNY and SCT). • ETS Staff, especially Maddy Cuciti • Student Mod Leaders – Taine, Betsy, Denise and Donna • Other Banner campuses (GCC, Brockport, SJF, Alfred, Geneseo) • Banner Web Site • SCT Consultants – • Kevin Myers & Kimberly Sherman-Savings

  18. Questions?