how does rank rank l.
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How Does Rank “Rank”?

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How Does Rank “Rank”? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Does Rank “Rank”? Reassessing “Rank”, by Jared Kozar, Darrell Timbs, and Tito Sierra. Background on E!

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how does rank rank

How Does Rank “Rank”?

Reassessing “Rank”, by Jared Kozar,

Darrell Timbs, and Tito Sierra.

background on e
Background on E!
  • The E! network is a 24 hour cable network which highlights the latest in fashion trends, celebrity news and gossip, lifestyle and entertainment news, and basically anything else having to do with Hollywood and related subjects.
  • It is available through almost every major cable carrier.
background of rank
Background of “Rank”
  • Billed as the “Ultimate Entertainment Countdown,” Rank has been seen as one of the most unique concept shows on the E! Network recently
  • Concept is trendy, and has many of the same appealing attributes as do those shows seen on MTV and VH1 that cover similar topics
background cont
Background Cont.
  • Rank is hosted by the lovely and talented Brooke Burke
rank cont again
“Rank” Cont…again
  • Rank usually airs at 7pm on Saturday evenings
  • Rank covers a wide range of relevant topics going from the 25 Sexiest Women to Hollywood’s Hottest Couples
  • In theory, the show has many of the ingredients to be successful and competitive
focus group
Focus Group
  • For our focus group, we took a group of ten people that range in age from 18-22, male and female, and that we all knew in some form or fashion
  • We showed them the “Rank” episode 25 Sexiest Women
focus group cont
Focus Group Cont.
  • While the group was viewing the episode, we asked them to keep a note of what they thought was good about the show and what they thought was horrible about it and should be changed
  • One commonality seen in every member of the focus group was that they had heard something about the show before viewing our episode
focus group results
Focus Group Results
  • Numerous pieces of data
  • Overwhelming response by the males toward Brooke Burke as host of the show
  • Strangely enough, the females in the group, while not as vocal about it, also saw her as an asset to the show
  • All saw the content of the show as appealing and trendy
results cont
Results Cont.
  • However, most said they would not have made the conscious decision to watch the show as it is scheduled
  • Thought sixty minutes of Rank was thirty five minutes too many for this type of show and for the content being discussed
  • Found Dave Holmes to be an undesirable feature of the show
the dave holmes problem
The Dave Holmes Problem
  • Here is what an actual Rank fan wrote via email to the E! Network
  • Re: Dave Holmes - Get a Life!by jenxgrl87 February 16, 2003, 10:01 AM
  • i know. i just watched the rank and i remember him from previous ones too. he is suck an asshole. serioulsy. before he can even think about making fun of others, who dont even deserve it half the time, he needs to take a look at his fat ass. if hes on another rank, im just gonna stop watching. hes that annoying.
secondary market research
Secondary Market Research
  • We developed a survey with a few questions about Rank and distributed them at random
  • We ended up with a total of seven males that took the survey, ranging from age 18-24, and three females ranging from age 19-22
secondary market research results
Secondary Market Research Results
  • We found in our survey that while 90% of the participants had actually heard of Brooke Burke, only about half had ever heard about “Rank”
  • The females surveyed felt that the content was very entertaining, while only two of the seven males surveyed thought that Rank covered worthwhile material
problems with rank
Problems with “Rank”
  • Poor time slot
  • Need to have specific airing day as well
  • Too long, time should be cut to half hour instead of full
  • Who does the Ranking?, and what criteria do they base their decisions on?
  • Topics skewed toward female gender
positives of rank
Positives of Rank
  • Brooke Burke!
  • Relevant to popular culture
  • Interesting topics and content
  • Social icons being seen by their fans in a new light
solutions and recommendations
Solutions and Recommendations
  • Move time slot to anytime Monday through Thursday at 7pm
  • Incorporate guest hosts that are more relevant to the show content(I.e. for Sexiest Athletes perhaps Anna Kournikova)
  • Run contests/giveaways for tuning into the show
  • Start a separate website for Rank for online voting purposes and to choose topics to be ranked
solutions continued
Solutions Continued
  • Have show go on location when applicable, like Wild On!
  • Build a lot on the strength of Brooke Burke’s sex appeal
  • More topics that appeal to men, or even change the target audience for males to a younger segment of the population to take better advantage of Brooke Burke’s appeal
  • More advertising within the Network(Anna Nicole Show, Revealed, etc…) And more online and outdoor ads as well
  • In conclusion, we see a lot of potential in the premise and host of the show. However, the fact remains that the present range of topics is not as appealing to the male audience and that the time slot serioulsy impedes any type of viewer loyalty from developing because the target audience is not at home at that time.