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Gillian Oakenfull Marketing

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Spring Information Meeting. Gillian Oakenfull Marketing. Tom Effler Graphic Design. I hear and I forget . I see and I remember . I do and I understand . Anonymous. The Power of Experiential Learning. Builds on principles of the Miami Plan: Critical Thinking Understanding Contexts

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gillian oakenfull marketing

Spring Information Meeting



Tom Effler

Graphic Design

i hear and i forget i see and i remember i do and i understand anonymous




the power of experiential learning
The Power of Experiential Learning

Builds on principles of the Miami Plan:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Understanding Contexts
  • Engaging with other Learners
  • Reflecting and Acting
the answer experiential learning



a long history of experiential learning
ALongHistory of Experiential Learning

In1947,ProfessorJosephSeibertcreated “OxfordResearchAssociates”,aquasi-consultancythatprovidedtheopportunityforMiamibusinessstudentstoworkonprojectsforoutsidecompanies.

In1971,ProfessorJohnMaggardco-foundedLaws,Hall & Associates,aninterdisciplinaryproject-basedprogramthatdevelopedbrandingandpromotionalcampaignsforoutsidecompanies.

the power of experiential learning6
  • Tacklechallengingreal-worldproblemsinacontextthatmodelstoday’sdynamicworkplaceenvironment
  • Developexperienceandskillsthatarevaluedbycorporationsofeverysize:
    • Discoverhowmuchyoureallydoknowandhowto “fillintheblanks” whenyouencountersomethingnewandunexpected.
    • Learntoidentifynovelandcreativesolutionsandtakecalculatedrisks.
    • Learnhowtouseconstructivefeedbacktoenhancethequalityofyourideas.
    • Learnhowtoworkwithinateamofpeershavingdiverseperspectivesandstrengths.
    • Challengeyourselftogobeyondwhattheyinitiallythinktheyarecapableofdoing.
    • Presentandsupportyourrecommendationsandideastodecisionmakers.
laws hall associates
Laws,Hall & Associates
  • LH&Abegan as an advertisingpracticumengagingstudentsandfacultyfrommarketing,graphicdesignandcommunications.
  • TaughtSpring/ FallinOxfordandSummerinLondon.
  • Since1971,LH&Aworkedonover90projectsformorethan60clientcompanies.
recent lh a projects




DevelopaLocalRestaurantMarketing (LRM) ToolKitforusebyBurgerKingstoresthroughouttheUK.

Createanintegratedin-storebrandingandpromotionprogramtoincreaseNTHMshareto60% annually.


Developa “grassroots” on-campusmarketingprogramto buildawarenessofMentosrollsand ncreasecollegestudents’ Mentosconsumptionby25%.

client implemented lh a ideas
  • WalkersCrisps (UK) used “WhoopeeCushion” promotiontodrivesalesofWalkersCrispsanddonationstoUKComicRelief.
  • KFCusedLH&AcreativeideatopositiontheirnewKFCchickensandwichesas “outofthebucketandontothebun”.
  • Fordused “TFRNights” asagrassrootscampaigntobuildmembershipinTeamFordRacingaffinityprogram.
  • Convergysimplementedthe “BrightPeople. BrightFutures” campaignfortheirongoingcollegerecruitingprogram.
  • 3Comused “Friends” programforlaunchofthePalmPilotinEuropeandtheUK.
  • J. M. Smuckerimplemented “HeatUptoWin” promotionForHungryJackPancakeSyrup.
revisiting laws hall associates after 36 years
Revisiting Laws, Hall & Associates after 36 years….
  • Industryandclientsmovingawayfromneedformasscommunicationdeliverable - i.e. broadcastadvertising
  • Needtomovetoa modelfocusingmoreheavilyonstrategicandcreativeideationthanon productionandimplementation
  • Provideaccesstostudentsfromallmajorsacrosstheuniversitytoprovideagreaterdiversityofperspectiveswithinstudentteams
  • Create smaller, more dynamic and flexible student teams
highwire brand studio
Highwire Brand Studio
  • Aforward-thinkingcollaborationofMarketingandGraphicDesign
  • Focus on brand ideation over advertising execution
  • Smaller teams, dynamic flexible teams
  • Teams comprised of Marketing, Graphic Design and a diverse array of majors as fits the client charge.
how does highwire work
How Does Highwire Work?
  • Faculty
    • 1 Marketing & 1 Graphic Design
  • Students
    • 18-25 Marketing Majors
    • 9-12 Graphic Design Majors
    • 9-12 University-Wide Majors
  • Teams
    • 3 Independent Teams
    • Majors Equally Proportioned
  • Meeting time
    • MW 11:00am to 12:50pm (keep same time free on Fridays for teamwork)
how does highwire work15
How Does Highwire Work?
  • Client Provides a Project/Charge
  • Each Team Addresses Charge
    • Marketing Research
    • Strategic & Creative Ideation
    • Concept Testing
    • Financial Implications
    • Graphic Design Elements
how does highwire work16
How Does Highwire Work?
  • Each Team Presents to Client
    • Oral Presentation
    • Oral Q/A Session
    • Written Report
  • Client Selects Winning Team
    • Individual Team Critiques

Spring 2008

DHR International:

  • Fastest growing executive search firm in the world


  • How should DHR be positioned globally to senior executives/decision makers in mid to large size businesses?


  • Market Research
  • Redesigned corporate logos
  • Marketing collateral that could be adapted to various global locations
  • Redesigned corporate website
  • Industry- and market-specific public relations events
  • Sponsored industry conferences
  • Dedicated professional social networks.

Summer 2008

  • Tesco, the world's fourth largest retailer, has long utilized the slogan "Every Little Helps" to represent the organization's mission of providing small, helpful services for its customers that in the longrun add up to big savings.
  • Over the past decade, Tesco has demonstrated the "Every Little Helps" campaign with over 100 bright ideas.
  • The Charge: ”Refresh" and "add to" the list of "Every Little Helps" ideas with concepts that are relevant to today's customers.

Spring 2009

  • TQL is one of the fastest growing third-party logistics (3PL) companies in the United States.
  • A critical element of their successful growth is their ability to recruit and train high-quality applicants for their Logistics Account Executive program.
  • The Charge: Develop a brand communication program integrated with the TQL collegiate recruiting process to increase the quantity and quality of recruits among graduating college undergraduates.
fall 2009
Fall 2009
  • Design a GM Goodwrench communications plan that resonates with the younger generation, Generation Y, of GM vehicle owners and service decision-makers.
    • The plan should build relevance of GM Goodwrench service among the younger target audience and should increase the positive opinion of the brand and lead to owners taking their vehicles to the dealership for paid, non-warranty, maintenance service, i.e. oil changes, tires and brakes.
summer 2009
Summer 2009
  • Develop a marketing campaign which will significantly increase aided awareness and salience of the Microban brand across the major Western European Markets
    • By developing full and compelling proposals designed to convert high profile, consumer facing prospects and public space ‘owners’, into Microban partners who see the benefits of making the Microban brand highly visible on their product(s).
application process
Application Process
  • Website
  • Prerequisites
    • Marketing: MKT 435
    • Graphic Design: Sophomore Design Courses
    • University-Wide Majors: Related Experience/Coursework
  • Admission Process
    • Application/References
    • DARS
    • Statement of Interest
    • Interview
  • Due Dates
    • Application Form: Wednesday, October 14, 2009
accepted students
Accepted Students
  • Automatically registered into course prior to open-registration period
additional information
Additional Information
  • Gillian Oakenfull
    • Marketing Department
    • 211 Upham Hall
    • 513-529-1209
  • Tom Effler
    • Graphic Design Program
    • 201 Hiestand Hall
    • 513-529-1534