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Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) PowerPoint Presentation
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Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

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Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA). Why do students act the way they do? Recall that if a pattern of behavior difficulty develops leading to 10 days of being removed from class, a FBA and BIP need to be developed . Trish’s Behavior. Read Vignette II:

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Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

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functional behavioral assessment fba
Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)

Why do students act the way they do?

Recall that if a pattern of behavior difficulty develops leading to 10 days of being removed from class, a FBA and BIP need to be developed.

302 FBA

trish s behavior
Trish’s Behavior
  • Read Vignette II:

“This is the third time in two weeks Trish has been sent to the office for fighting on the playground!”

302 FBA

experience tells us
Experience tells us…
  • Behaviors occur in context of a child’s interaction with his or her environment.
  • Changing inappropriate behaviors requires identifying and changing the environment.
  • Challenging behaviors are meaningful and serve a purpose or function.
  • TP: Share something that you’ve done today, its context, and the reinforcer you received.

302 FBA

teachers address both dimensions of their students behaviors
…behavior’s form…what teachers see a student do.

…behavior’s function…what motivates the student to perform the action.

Teachers address both dimensions of their students’ behaviors.

Many teachers tend to focus on the form of student behaviors. This has some drawbacks.

302 FBA

drawbacks to focusing on form
Drawbacks to focusing on form.
  • Similar behaviors (reading assignments, doing homework) are done for dissimilar reasons (please teacher, maintain GPA, earn a scholarship)
  • Dissimilar behaviors (reading assignments, calling out in class, pinching a peer) may be done for similar reasons (obtaining teacher attention)

302 FBA

definition functional behavioral assessment

Definition: Functional Behavioral Assessment?

“…a set of information gathering strategies and instruments. Based on what precedes behavior and what follows it, patterns are identified that lead to the hypothesis.”

302 FBA

part i fba hypothesizing functional assessment
Part I : FBA Hypothesizingfunctional assessment
  • The hypothesizing aspect of FBA is described as functional assessment. It generates clues about the ‘whys,’ ‘whens,’ ‘with whoms,” and ‘wheres’ of a student’s behavior. Clues can relate to academics, social interactions, physical concerns.

Note: This is what your physician does.

302 FBA

the fba process tries to help teachers discover
The FBA process tries to help teachers discover…
  • Are there events that consistently precede a behavior that occurs in the classroom?
  • Are there events that consistently follow these behaviors?
  • What are the setting events for the antecedents, behavior, and consequences? (These tend to be more remote in tme.)
  • Can another behavior be taught/acquired that will serve the same function of the challenging behavior?

302 FBA

5 functions that behaviors serve
5 functions that behaviors serve

Basic behavioral belief: All we do tends to have a purpose.

  • Gaining Attention (R+)
  • Gaining a Tangible (R+)
  • Gaining sensory stimulation (R+)
  • Escaping external stimulation (R-)
  • Escaping internal stimulation (R-)

So what tools can teachers use to discover why students are acting the way they do?

302 FBA

tools used for functional assessment
Tools used for functional assessment
  • Rating Scales - based on group norms
    • Behavior Rating Profile – An indirect measure.
    • Interviews are also indirect measures.
  • Scatter Plot grids - based on direct observations
  • ABCs - based on direct observations

Data from these sources allow those involved in FBA to create an hypothesis…why the student is behaving in a certain way. Now to test it. See next slide.

302 FBA

part ii functional analysis
Part II Functional Analysis
  • …is a set of procedures for determining the function of a behavior by systematic manipulation of environmental variables, antecedents and consequences and documentation of their effect on the occurrence of the target behavior.

In collaboration with the special education teacher, you will test the hypothesis by using two progress monitoring procedures.

302 FBA

two progress monitoring designs
Two Progress-Monitoring Designs

To test the hypothesis and to develop an intervention data are gathered using a…

  • Reversal (ABAB) Design
  • Changing Conditions or Alternating Treatment Designs

302 FBA

abab reversal design
ABAB (Reversal) Design

This picture indicates that aggression increases when hard tasks are introduced.

302 FBA

idea s positive behavior intervention plan
IDEA’s Positive Behavior Intervention Plan…

“…attempts to link the management of behaviors that impede instruction with positive intervention strategies to reduce the occurrence of inappropriate behavior…”

302 FBA

when do we use bips
When do we use BIPs?

for more info.

  • …at time of development, review, or revision of an IEP…
  • …an occurrence of behavior subjects a student to disciplinary action…

302 FBA