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CEOS Landsat & SRTM Project (CLASP) PowerPoint Presentation
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CEOS Landsat & SRTM Project (CLASP)

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CEOS Landsat & SRTM Project (CLASP) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CEOS Landsat & SRTM Project (CLASP) For discussion at Joint WGISS/Subgroup Meeting Thailand, September 2003 Wyn Cudlip BNSC/QinetiQ Lorant Czaran UN Background (1) Developing Countries want improved access to Landsat data

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CEOS Landsat & SRTM Project (CLASP)

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Presentation Transcript
ceos landsat srtm project clasp
CEOS Landsat & SRTM Project(CLASP)

For discussion at

Joint WGISS/Subgroup Meeting

Thailand, September 2003

Wyn Cudlip BNSC/QinetiQ

Lorant Czaran UN

background 1
Background (1)
  • Developing Countries want improved access to Landsat data
  • Also advice/help with custom processing for Land Cover analysis
  • Several UN Agencies (Associate members of CEOS) have expressed interest in on-line access to satellite data
  • CEOS Plenary direction to work with Developing Countries
  • Landsat global mosaic data becoming available
  • SRTM data at 90m also becoming available
    • global availability by end of 2004
    • DLR data already available but at cost!
background 2
Background (2)
  • NASA have offered UN 2 sets of Global Landsat coverage
    • 1990; 30m, 7 bands, 7,500 scenes; 8Tbytes
    • 2000; 9 bands (1 at 15m), 8,500 scenes; currently being compiled (2500 scenes already available).
    • Earthsat already provides 5deg 1990 mosaic at full resolution (7, 4 2 bands, MrSID files). Working on 2000 dataset.
    • (http download 70Mb per tile)
    • NASA Mosaic Project to provide WMS access to 2000 data (Bands 3,2,1) by end of 2003
  • Access by developing countries is still difficult
    • UN have insufficient resources in (storage and bandwidth) to improve access
    • UN Cartographic Section generated WMS for Africa but unable to host due to excessive demand
  • Improving access would be good candidate to demonstrate OGC technology and CEOS Agency co-operation
  • Might be able to link to WSSD follow-up activities (area 5)
the problem
The Problem
  • Need distributed host sites with sufficient on-line storage & good internet bandwidth.
  • Need suitable server software - WMS, WFS and WCS
  • Need suitable client software (tailored for various users)
  • Re-projection and seemlessness may be an issue
    • (data is in UTM)
  • Need firm UN requirement
    • Need recommendations for additional processing capability based on output of WCS
    • Could be land cover generation (unsupervised classification) in client defined areas – or subset downloads at desired band combinations and projections.
the proposal
The Proposal
  • Phased development of a number of work packages:
  • WP1 Overall Co-ordination and management
    • Resolve data policy issues
  • WP2 Initial WMS deployment:
    • Mosaic Project for 2000 data (3,2,1); Improve resolution to 15m.
    • Other WMS for Landsat 1990 RGB (7,4,2);
    • Initial client development; Use adaptation of UN and other suitable clients.
    • Further deployment for Landsat 1975 dataset
    • Establish links with vector (WFS) servers
  • WP3 Initial WMS/WFS deployment for SRTM 90m
  • WP4 3D Viewing development with OGC Terrain Spec
  • WP5 WCS development/deployment; further client development; data processing development
  • WP6 Service chaining developments
  • WP7 Integration with GRID activities (exploiting GRID backbone)?
task team involvement
Task Team Involvement
  • Global Datasets - requirements and overall co-ordination
  • Data Services - Help establish WMS, WFS and WCS systems
  • IDN - register Landsat datasets and Services
  • Networks - Network support
  • Liaison with Global Map Project?
    • Source of vector data.
ceos wgiss benefits
CEOS WGISS benefits
  • Provide a focus for further development/exploitation of OGC standards
  • Generate “Lessons Learnt” to assist newcomers to OGC implementations
  • Provide a portalthrough which individual Agency Landsat holding could be accessed.
  • Assist WGISS Task Team interaction
  • Help develop Liaison with Global Map Project.
distributed network of servers
Distributed network of servers
  • Could divide world into 7 basic regions (~1Tbyte each)
    • North America
    • South America
    • Europe
    • Africa
    • Russia
    • Asia
    • Australia
  • But could have any number of mirror sites
  • Some with language specific clients.
  • Proposed 2-year project











WGISS/ Subgroups



Initial WMS


Initial SRTM



Terrain View

Integrated availability

  • Proposed Project for improved access to Landsat and SRTM data has a number of benefits for CEOS WGISS
  • 2-year project with a number of phases.
  • Would be part of Global DataSets Task Team activity.
  • Emphasis needs to be on access to raw data.
  • Lorant Czaran (UN) would be “User Champion”.
  • Wyn Cudlip to be WGISS Champion
  • Project WIKI at:
      • ceos-grid grid-tech
next steps next 2 months
Next steps (next 2 months)
  • WGISS approve project start.
  • Establish points of contact with interested agencies
  • Lorant to solicit support from UN Agencies
  • Prepare slides for upcoming CEOS Plenary
  • Approach Mosaic Project with mirroring proposal
  • Agencies volunteer to contribute
  • Update Project Plan
  • Maintain Action Register
  • Links with SDI, Global Map, Digital Earth?
  • Exploitation Software. E.g., GRASS
  • Link to Keyhole?
  • Example Clients:
preliminary pocs
Preliminary POCs
  • USGS John Faundeen
  • NASA Ken McDonald
  • NOAA Dave Clark
  • RAS Victor Savorskii
  • ESA Ivan Petiteville
  • GISTDA Pakorn
  • NASDA Osamu Ochiai
  • NRSCC Dingsheng Liu
  • CCRS Brian McLeod
  • CNES Paul Kopp