Conjuring wellness and renewal
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Conjuring Wellness and Renewal. A Transnational Feminist Approach To Global Travel. Presented by Skye Ward. Workshop Guidelines. Honor time allocations for workshop segments/topics. Pay attention and listen analytically, respectfully and empathetically. (Active listening)

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Conjuring Wellness and Renewal

A Transnational Feminist Approach To Global Travel

Presented by Skye Ward

Workshop guidelines l.jpg
Workshop Guidelines

  • Honor time allocations for workshop segments/topics.

  • Pay attentionand listen analytically, respectfully and empathetically. (Active listening)

  • Speak for yourself. Use “I” statements.

  • Address the group when speaking, not just the facilitator.

  • Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and other participants.

Goals and objectives l.jpg
Goals and Objectives

  • Presentation & Discussion:

    • Disseminate international travel resources;

    • Exchange anecdotal tips;

    • Discuss cultural and societal barriers to international travel for women of color;

    • Create a preliminary plan for traveling to a new destination.

Travel research sources l.jpg
Travel Research Sources

  • Print

  • On-line

  • Colleagues

  • Affinity Groups

  • Friends and Family

Preparation l.jpg

  • Visualization

    “Fear is a doorway, not a wall.”

    [Stephanie Austin]

  • Logistics

    Flight, lodging, health and safety, and packing.

  • Cross-cultural issues

    Gender, ethnicity, class, economic, and religious

Money issues l.jpg
Money Issues

  • Plan in advance.

  • Obtain hotel/air package deals.

  • Pay monthly bills prior departure!

  • Use ATM. Hotel safe. Bring small amount of local currency

  • Maintain expense list for U.S. Customs declaration.

Health safety l.jpg
Health & Safety

  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)

  • Immunizations months in advance.

  • Review medical insurance.

  • Prepare mini-first aid kit-include

    extra prescriptions. (pills & glasses).

  • Drink sealed bottled water.

  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Security issues l.jpg
Security Issues

  • Duplicate passport, drivers license,

    birth certificate, itinerary & pay stub.

  • Beware of racial profile. (e.g. drug mule,

    sex worker, economically poor.)

  • Don’t document lesbian identity or activity.

  • Beware proliferation of closed circuit cameras. (e.g. public/private, in/outdoors)

  • Leave confidential voice mail or paper trail

    of your whereabouts.

Inhibitors l.jpg

  • What notions of self-worth, accessibility and scarcity act as barriers to travel?

    • Indoctrination?

    • Paucity of role models?

    • Self-imposed limitations?

    • Modest income & leisure time?

Conjuring l.jpg

  • Develop tools and gather information to dismantle

    inhibitions and barriers.

    • Advance planning and research.

    • Be flexible and patient.

    • Participant in organized trips and

      use alternative lodging.

    • KNOW that you are worthy and deserving of global travel experiences.

Transnational feminism l.jpg
Transnational Feminism

As a feminist approach, it can be said that transnational feminism is generally attentive to intersections among

  • nationhood,

  • race,

  • gender,

  • sexuality and

  • economic exploitation

  • on a world scale, in the context of emergent globalcapitalism.


Feminist traveler l.jpg
Feminist Traveler

  • Develop an awareness of the unequal distribution of economic and natural resources that results from global capitalism.

  • Inquire into social, political and economic conditions of local communities where you plan to visit.

  • Be mindful of contributing to economic and cultural exploitation on a world scale.