christ in me ministries conceptual model l.
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Christ In Me Ministries Conceptual Model PowerPoint Presentation
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Christ In Me Ministries Conceptual Model

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Christ In Me Ministries Conceptual Model - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Christ In Me Ministries Conceptual Model Presented By: Nicole Burrell, Erica Moore, Kimberly Sledge System Overview

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Christ In Me Ministries Conceptual Model

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christ in me ministries conceptual model

Christ In Me MinistriesConceptual Model

Presented By: Nicole Burrell, Erica Moore, Kimberly Sledge

system overview
System Overview

The purpose of this project is to create a web presence for members and associates of Christ In Me Ministries. The ministry spreads the Word of God to Christians and non-Christians alike. Currently, the members communicate by e-mail. Their goal is to further the growth of the Loving Charity Prayer Band #2. This website will serve as a central point of contact, containing monthly newsletters, sermons, daily proverbs, and poems. It will provide the historical background of the ministry and The Loving Charity Prayer Band #2. The site will also support product expansion, outreach programs, and possible links to the associated organization.

  • Christ In Me Ministries: This is the identity of minister Charles A. Mason in Christ. It describes his goal which is uplifting the name of Christ and spreading the gospel by sharing the Word of God through singing, preaching, and teaching.
  • The Loving Charity Prayer Band #2: This is a non-profit organization and an associate organization of Christ In Me Ministries. They focus on meeting people’s needs outside of the church walls through prayer, biblical studies, and financial assistance.
introduction page
Introduction Page

The Christ In Me Logo is displayed in the corner

The home page contains a description of the Ministry as well as a proverb that will be updated monthly

Background and text color have been chosen per the users request

bio page


Bio Page

The Bio Page will contain information about Charles Mason, the head of Christ In Me Ministries. A picture will be added later once one has been provided to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

newsletter page


Newsletter Page

The Christ In Me Ministries would like a site that will support their future growth, they plan to begin distributing monthly newsletters and would like a place for them on the site, Currently, they do not have a sample newsletter, however, we plan to implement the above design when one becomes available

inspirational poems page
Inspirational Poems Page

Users will be able to access inspirational poems. The User has been given the option to display one poem that will be updated bi-weekly or several poems that will be updated every few months. The user is currently considering these suggestions.

products page
Products Page

The products page will contain a picture of the products that the Ministry currently offers, and order options. This page will also support the future growth of the product line.

prayer band history page
Prayer Band History Page

This page contains the history of the affiliated association, Loving Charity Prayer Band as well as a description of the two organizations common goal. A link to the Prayer Band website will be added after their site is completed.

affordances mappings constraints
Affordances, Mappings & Constraints
  • Pros:
    • Lots of helpful affordances: obvious links, easy-to-use order form, and simple prayer request form
    • Object appearance and distribution helps to identify the constraints of the page through a clear visualization of the page layout
  • Cons:
    • Slight change on the background color could also be helpful in the differentiation between the different parts of the layout
    • Consider putting the links across the top of the page
  • Pros:
    • Language on the page seems consistent with the client and potential users
    • Language on this website seemed very straightforward
  • Pros:
    • Clear and consistent with the expectations of users accustomed to web navigation, and very easy to understand and navigate for those with little or no experience with web navigation
    • Excellent Layout! Keeps with common conventions
  • Cons:
    • Layout needs something to “spruce” it up a bit.
    • Might want to make the links on the left one background color and the center text another color.
  • Pros:
    • Color combination easy to read and it gives some solemnity to the Web Page
  • Cons:
    • Might want to try more colors to keep readers attention
    • Background color too dark
tone etiquette
Tone & Etiquette
  • Pros:
    • Very formal throughout
    • Good for site since it is a religious site
    • Down to earth slightly formal tone created the perfect ambiance for this subject matter
special considerations
Special Considerations
  • Pros:
    • Both users with and without experience with Web Pages should not have any problem navigating through the Web Page
    • People with disabilities should not have trouble navigating through the pages
  • Cons:
    • Website does not seem to have many pictures, but you may still want to include alt text for the few that are there (especially on the order pages)
website used to perform usability evaluations

Website Used To Perform Usability Evaluations

usability results
Usability Results
  • 5 people performed usability evaluation:
    • 2 Analytical
    • 1 Artistic
    • 2 Both
  • How many times email or chat per week?
    • 5 answered 6 or more times a week
  • How many times use the Internet per week?
    • 5 answered 6 or more times per week
  • Good with computers?
    • 4 answered strongly agree
    • 1 answered agree
usability results continued
Usability Results Continued
  • Tasks to Perform:
    • Locate the inspirational poem
    • Locate the email address of Charles Mason
    • Please fill out a prayer request
    • Please place an order for a T-Shirt
final reactions
Final Reactions
  • This site would be easy to use by people who don’t know a lot about computers
    • 3 Strongly Agree
    • 2 Agree
  • Screen Layouts are helpful (Scale from 1-9 with 1 being the least)
    • three 7’s
    • one 8
    • one 9
  • Amount of information that can be displayed on screen (Scale from 1-9 with 9 being the least)
    • four 8’s
    • one 6
final reactions cont d
Final Reactions Cont’d
  • Sequence of Screens (Scale from 1-9 with 1 being the least)
    • four 8’s
    • one 7
  • Next Screen in a sequence (Scale from 1-9 with 1 being the least)
    • two 8’s
    • two 9’s
    • one 6
  • Going back to the previous screen (Scale from 1-9 with 1 being the least)
    • three 9’s
    • two 8’s
additional comments
Additional Comments
  • Pros
    • Website is very nice; Really like the simplicity and ease of use; Graphics are colorful and attractive
    • Good layout; Colors and pictures make the website really inviting
  • Cons
    • Did not like having to scroll down to see information
    • Problem seeing the links on the page; The print blends too easily with the background
final website design

Final Website Design