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Business Intelligence Plans and Activities PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Intelligence Plans and Activities

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Business Intelligence Plans and Activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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University of Michigan Administrative Information Services. Business Intelligence Plans and Activities . Linda Green/John Gohsman MAIS BusinessObjects User Group Meetings January 2006. Ad hoc Reporting. Dashboards. Business Strategy. Metrics. Push Technology. Analytical Skills.

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Business Intelligence Plans and Activities

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business intelligence plans and activities

University of

Michigan Administrative Information Services

Business IntelligencePlans and Activities

Linda Green/John Gohsman


BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

January 2006

BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

what is business intelligence

Ad hoc Reporting


Business Strategy


Push Technology

Analytical Skills

Predictive Analysis

Data Warehouse

What is Business Intelligence?
  • BI is not a single computer system, but a framework for leveraging data for tactical and strategic use.

BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

bi defined
BI Defined

Gartner Group says:

Business Intelligence (BI) encompasses the processes, tools, and technologies required to transform enterprise data into information, and information into knowledge that can be used to enhance decision-making and to create actionable plans that drive effective business activity.

  • BI can be used to acquire
    • Tactical insight to optimize business processes by identifying trends, anomalies, and behaviors that require management action. 
    • Strategic insight to align multiple business processes with key business objectives through integrated performance management and analysis.

BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

information hierarchy
Information Hierarchy











BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

  • AIMS (Advisors on Information Management Strategy) was created to work with MAIS to develop a strategy for the delivery of management information to University leadership (deans, directors, vice-presidents)
  • MAIS is charged with working with units to leverage the data in the enterprise systems

BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

what if um could
What if UM could…
  • track course enrollments during registration each term and notify course administrators of the need for additional sections based on pre-defined rules?
  • predict course demand in advance?
  • improve student recruitment to yield the highest quality students while making efficient use of recruiting dollars?
  • track purchasing patterns and direct purchasers to the best price for the equivalent product?  
  • analyze research funding portfolios and predict the risk of future funding based on the state of the economy and the federal budget and then direct researchers to sources where they are most likely to get funded? 

BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

examples of bi at um
Examples of BI at UM
  • Med School’s M-Dash, M-Stat, & M-Alert
  • HR Metrics--Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) Metrics project
  • Ross School of Business’ Relationship Management System (RMS)
  • Central HR’s push technology/email alerts
  • Financial Control Task Force’s Financial Control Reports

BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

tiny first steps
Tiny First Steps
  • During the initial development period, MAIS will act as a “mini BI leadership center”
    • Several MAIS teams identified:
      • To help AIMS set direction
      • To coordinate and facilitate effort internal and external to MAIS
      • Not to provide project management or resources for all projects

BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

concurrent efforts in mais
Concurrent Efforts in MAIS
  • Initial MAIS BI Activities & Teams
    • Educate and increase awareness

1. Communication & Coordination

    • Identify how to deliver BI

2. BI Tools

3. Technical Infrastructure

    • Determine what to deliver

4. Applications

5. BI Data

BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

bi tools team
BI Tools Team
  • Determined the best approach to acquisition of a BI tool/tool kit
  • Recommended upgrade of BusinessObjects tool kit (11/05)
  • Negotiated new contract with BusinessObjects (12/05)

BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

bi communication and coordination team
BI Communication and Coordination Team
  • Current status
    • BI Web site is live at or
    • Change Management and Communication Plan is being developed
    • Collecting names of interested people through the Web site
    • Collecting ideas for new BI projects through the Web site

BusinessObjects User Group Meetings

where bi should take us
Where BI should take us
  • For BI to be successful at U-M, all units can/should be involved
  • If we embrace BI, U-M can become an information mature organization…where culture and skills have evolved in their ability to sustain an environment where…
    • everyone believes in the value of business intelligence
    • information is trusted, widely shared and easily accessible
    • analysis of data is ingrained in the management decision making process
    • that analysis is automatically fed back into the operational processes to improve the organization
  • While some units or data areas within the University are further along in this cycle than others, the University as a whole is just in the infancy stage of this evolutionary process.

BusinessObjects User Group Meetings