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Arkansas Points of Emphasis

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Arkansas Points of Emphasis. 2006-2007 Season Recertification. Arkansas Points of Emphasis. These are reminders! Taken from incidents at State Cup! The incidents indicated in the same order as the Guide to Procedures for Referees, Assistant Referees and 4th Officials.

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arkansas points of emphasis

Arkansas Points of Emphasis

2006-2007 Season


arkansas points of emphasis2
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • These are reminders!
  • Taken from incidents at State Cup!
  • The incidents indicated in the same order as the Guide to Procedures for Referees, Assistant Referees and 4th Officials.
    • Most of the material directly quoted or paraphrased from the Guide
    • Referenced page numbers listed
arkansas points of emphasis3
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Use your whistle to communicate! Page 4:
    • Use the whistle as a tool of communication. Whistles should be selected for match conditions, age of players and other factors. It is neither required nor expected that the whistle be used for all stoppages and restarts of play.
    • A whistle demands attention and should only be blown when needed.
    • Referees should also be alert to the need for variations in the length, force and tone in their use of a whistle to indicate different types of stoppages or different degrees of concern
arkansas points of emphasis4
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact! Page 4:
    • Referees should take every opportunity of less activity on the field to make eye contact with each of the assistant referees and 4th official
    • This means look back at EVERY stoppage in play
arkansas points of emphasis5
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Signals! Page 4:
    • All referee hand signals are given with the arm straight at the indicated angle with fingers fully extended
    • AR signals follow the same pattern with the flag held as an extension of the arm
arkansas points of emphasis6
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Administrative Tasks like Bleeding Must be Monitored. Page 5:
    • Administrative tasks before, during and after the match are the responsibility of the referee
    • Can be delegated to other members of the officiating team
    • Players who are sent to the touchline for bleeding must be checked before return.
arkansas points of emphasis7
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Fourth Official Duties. Page 5, 13 and 41:
    • Primary point of contact between referee team and all persons other than the players, substitutes and team officials
    • Takes less intrusive actions early when a situation may be resolved
    • Involves coach and other team officials as much and as early as possible in identifying unacceptable behavior within the technical area Prevents the practice of throwing water containers of any kind onto the field or to players on the field
arkansas points of emphasis8
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Fourth Official Duties. Page 5, 13 and 41 (Continued):
    • Monitors substitutes who are warming up to ensure they can be easily distinguished as being off the field
    • Monitors substitute equipment and makes sure the substitute does not enter the field until the exiting player has completely left the field
arkansas points of emphasis9
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Pregame Responsibility Prior to Kickoff. Page 7:
    • Enters field together and moves to center mark
    • Referee carries match ball
    • Assistant referees have flags furled at side
    • Record results of coin toss
    • Perform final check of nets (must be performed after halftime as well)
arkansas points of emphasis10
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • General Positioning. Page 10:
    • Assistant Referee uses side-to-side movement, square to the field, unless speed is needed
    • Assistant Referee before signaling, stops, faces field and makes eye contact with referee
arkansas points of emphasis11
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Best Positioning for Referee. Page 11:
    • Position to see play and potential problem areas
    • Position to see AR
    • Position to not impede player movement or player space
arkansas points of emphasis12
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Monitoring of Injuries. Page 15:
    • Makes assessment of seriousness
    • If serious, signals for team official
    • Confers with AR to determine events leading to injury
    • Stays out of area where injured player is being treated
arkansas points of emphasis13
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Offside Indications. Page 19:
    • Referee holds the indirect free kick signal from the moment of the restart to when the ball is touched
    • AR raises flag vertically
    • If referee misses the flag, stays at attention with flag raised until the defense gains clear possession or until another restart is given
    • After making eye contact with the referee, indicates the location of the offense
arkansas points of emphasis14
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • AR Goal Kick Positioning. Page 20:
    • Moves to the top of goal area to check for proper placement of ball
    • If keeper is taking the kick, moves to a position to judge offside
    • If a defender is taking the kick, stays with the second to the last defender
    • Moves to top of penalty area to verify that no one plays the ball before it is in play
    • Be prepared to adjust position if team changes tactics
arkansas points of emphasis15
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Corner and Goal Kick AR Flag Mechanics. Page 23:
    • When making signal steps up field from goal line to avoid pointing the flag off the field
arkansas points of emphasis16
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Fouls Indicated by AR. Page 29:
    • Signals with the flag raised vertically in the hand appropriate for the restart direction and, after making eye contact, gives the flag a slight wave
arkansas points of emphasis17
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Indication of Advantage by Referee. Page 35:
    • Declares distinctly “Play on!” or “Advantage!” and moves both hands forward in a sweeping motion at waist level
    • Avoids an advantage signal when an incident has been observed which is judged not to be a foul
arkansas points of emphasis18
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Ceremonial Issue of Yellow or Red Card. Page 38:
    • Quickly identify and move toward offending player while beckoning the player to approach
    • Attempt to draw offending player away from teammates and opponents
    • Discourages others from approaching
    • Stops a reasonable distance away from offending player and begins recording information
    • States clearly and concisely that player is being cautioned or sent off and displays the appropriate card by holding it straight overhead
arkansas points of emphasis19
Arkansas Points of Emphasis
  • Ceremonial Issue of Yellow or Red Card. Page 38 (Continued):
    • SPECIAL NOTE: In situations where the conduct being penalized include the potential for retaliation or further misconduct, immediately moves to the location and displays the appropriate card before recording any information