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Announcements Reading assignments on the syllabus must be done BEFORE the lecture Read Ch. 6 before next lecture Read Ch. 4-5 before lab this week Quiz is a way to check roll Each lab write-up due at beginning of next lab

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  • Reading assignments on the syllabus must be done BEFORE the lecture
    • Read Ch. 6 before next lecture
    • Read Ch. 4-5 before lab this week
  • Quiz is a way to check roll
  • Each lab write-up due at beginning of next lab
  • Someone on each team must get two motors from the Scientific Supply Store in Saunders Hall
    • Need cash or check
announcements cont d
Announcements -- cont’d.
  • Links to professional organizations on web site
  • Lab sections and team assignments are on WebCT.
    • If not correct, send email to
lego car design

Lego Car

PC with sound card


Left Channel

Right Channel

DC motors

Lego Car Design
  • Volume controls speed
  • Balance controls steering
  • Circuit converts sound wave to a drive signal
  • Each team designs and builds a car
    • Work on car done outside of class
    • Team must build the car with their own supplies
      • No supplies are provided
  • Lectures/Labs 1-7 provide background material for the design project
  • Start early on the design project!
  • COMPETITION – (Tentatively) Thursday, April 21, 7PM
engineering design process

Identify Customer Needs

Establish Product Specification

Define Alternative Concepts

Select the Most Suitable Concept

Design/Integrate Subsystems

Build/Test Prototype

Design/Build Production



Engineering Design Process
engineering design process7
Engineering Design Process
  • Example: Mousetrap
  • Identify customer needs.
    • “I want a device that gets rid of the mice in my house.”
    • “I want a device that won’t hurt my toddler.”
    • “I want a device that won’t wake me up at night.”
engr design process cont d
Engr. Design Process (cont’d)
  • Establish product specification.
    • Device must kill the mouse.
    • Any moving parts must be inaccessible to toddlers.
    • Any poison must be inaccessible to toddlers and remain inaccessible when trap is handled.
    • Device must be quiet
engr design process cont d9
Engr. Design Process (cont’d)
  • Define alternative concepts.
    • Spring-loaded trap is enclosed. Baffled door keeps out small fingers and muffles mechanical spring noise.
    • Poison is formed into a module that is affixed to a far corner of the trap away from reaching fingers.
    • Laser zaps mouse when optical beam shows nothing in door of trap.
  • The brain uses two basic modes in the design process:
    • creative mode
    • critical mode
  • These two modes work against each other.
  • Brainstorming separates the two processes into different time frames.
engr design process cont d11
Select the most suitable concept.


Design cost

Material cost

Assembly cost





Environmental risks


Ease of use

Engr. Design Process (cont’d)
tradeoffs in engineering design
Tradeoffs in Engineering Design


  • Cost vs. performance
  • Safety vs. performance
  • Performance vs. reliability
engr design process cont d14
Engr. Design Process (cont’d)
  • Design the subsystems and integrate them
    • Break a complex system into small subsystems
      • Optical sensing subsystem
      • Decision logic
      • Laser subsystem
      • Mechanical packaging
  • Build and test a prototype
    • Build and test each subsystem
    • Integrate and test the subsystems
engr design process cont d15
Engr. Design Process (cont’d)
  • Design and build production facility.
  • Produce and distribute.
  • Track product and improve.
design for lego car
Design for Lego Car
  • Specification is given.
  • Define alternative concepts.
  • Select the most suitable concept.
    • Bottom line is finishing time.
    • “Cost” is figured in by penalizing use of parts.
    • Car should be sturdy enough not to fly apart during race.
    • Car and course must pass minimal safety specs.
design subsystems
Design Subsystems
  • Car path & steering strategy
  • Type and number of wires connecting to amp.
  • Type of waveform used to power car.
  • Type of circuit & component values.
  • Vehicle mass, wheels, etc.
further design steps
Further Design Steps
  • Build and test, then modify!!!
  • Production design, distribution, and tracking are not relevant to a single-shot prototype design.
circuit basics
Circuit Basics
  • Electricity flows through a circuit just like water through a pipe.
    • charge -- water in a pipe
    • current -- water flow
    • voltage -- pressure
    • resistance -- inverse of pipe diameter
    • capacitance -- water stored under pressure
  • charge -- coulombs (C)
  • current -- amperes (A), A=C/s
  • voltage -- volts (V)
  • resistance -- ohms (),  =V/A
  • capacitance -- farads (F), F = C/V
circuit elements
Circuit Elements
  • voltage source (e.g. battery) -- water pump with specified pressure. Units: volts (V)
circuit elements22
Circuit Elements
  • resistor -- pipe with small diameter that makes water flow more difficult. Units: ohms ()

Put the following on each quiz:


Lab Date and Time

1. (True or False) Engineering requires teamwork.

2. Which of the following is NOT one of the six main sub-areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering: a) Microelectronics, b) Electromagnetics, c) Control Systems, d) Physics, e) Power Systems