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American History

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American History. Is history important? Why is it? Why isn’t it?. Symbols and History.

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american history

American History

Is history important?

Why is it?

Why isn’t it?

symbols and history
Symbols and History
  • Symbols in history contain ideals of a people or country. They provide the individual with a sense of place of belonging within the whole of humanity without which individuals loose a sense of who and what they are.
history as a spiral
History as a Spiral
  • William Irwin Thompson “History is not linear simply from primitivism to modernity. History ascends in spirals repeating the past and challenging the present.”
  • Between renaissance and inquisition. The past is repeated and unrepeatable.
  • In a global society how do we hold onto our past?
  • Is nationalism a valid assumption?
  • Is the American Century at an end?
a constitutional society where all men are created equal
The Constitution --what does it mean?






What do we value as a people?







“A Constitutional society where all men are created equal”
american history changed the world
American history changed the world.
  • Discovery of the Globe
  • Freedom from past/traditions, cultures, norm
  • Future expectations
chapter 1


Discovery of a new land

why do people migrate
Why do people migrate?
  • Food
  • Land
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Religious Freedom
  • Personal Freedom
  • Fear Coercion
when did the 2 major migrations to america occur
When did the 2 major migrations to America Occur
  • 35,000-25,000 BC Hunter gathers cross the Being Straight following the ice age
  • 1500-1900 European colonization following the discovery by Columbus and the exploration of Magellan, Drake, Cabot Vespucci
great civilizations do not develop till 5000 1500 bc
Great Civilizations do not develop till 5000-1500 BC
  • Key to transition to civilization:
  • Agriculture – Corn, squash, peppers, beans
  • Farming requires specialization, trade and cooperation.
  • Irrigation - Roads - Transportation - Storage
what are the names and locations of the great american civilizations
What Are the Names and Locations of the Great American Civilizations?
  • Aztec – Mexico
  • Mayas – central America
  • Inca – Peru
  • Why? Temperate climates. Plentiful rainfall. Warm waters. Natural defensive barriers of sea, mountains, deserts, jungles.
evolution of north american indian tribes
Evolution of North American Indian Tribes
  • Plains Indians – roam with buffalo and other animal migrations
  • South West Pueblo – farmed in isolation
  • Mid West Iroquois - hunter gatherers
  • South East Cherokee - agricultural and related to Aztec
what made the league of iroquois so unique and powerful





A league of nations governed by a council of 5 chiefs who would unite in time of war for common defense.

No power to tax, police or interfere with other individuals tribes

? What made the league of Iroquois so unique and powerful?
section 2 discovery by europe
Section 2 Discovery by Europe
  • Spices – Food preservation, flavor, perfume
  • Gold – fund military conquest
  • Religion – spread Christianity and establish new churches
  • Glory – individual achievement and adventure
competing nation states
Competing Nation States
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • France
  • England
  • KEY INVENTIONS- Astrolabe Compass
  • Who identified America as a new Continent?
order of domination
Order of domination
  • Spain established hegemony over America 1st. By 1580 Philip II empire stretches from Philippines S. America, Mexico and the American South West.
  • Why does Spain first take and lose control of the new world to France and Great Britain?
section 3 english colonization
Joint stock companies

The British create a way to finance colonization through a very capitalistic notion of sharing the risk for greater potential economic rewards

Plymouth Company

London Company

Why did King James grant these two charters dividing up the Atlantic seaboard?

SECTION 3 English Colonization
2 significant colonies
1607 Jamestown

Tremendous hardship with famine and disease. Saved by native population Pocahontas and the discovery of TOBACCO

1620 Plymouth Colony

Tremendous hardships with many lost till assisted by Squanto and taught to plant CORN and, fish and to fertilize

2 significant Colonies
foundations of liberty

In 1619 Jamestown creates the House of Burgesses who are representatives who enact laws governing the Virginia Colony


1620 The Mayflower Compact established an agreement to form just and equal laws for the good of the colonies with laws approved by the majority

Foundations of Liberty
filling an empty land
Filling an empty land
  • Headright system – anyone paying to journey to Virginia received 50 acres and another for each with them.
  • Indentured Servants – In exchange for passage individuals would work for 7 years to gain freedom
  • African Slaves – 1619 the Dutch bring African slaves who are better suited to work in the hot climate
rhode island roger williams and the evolution of self rule
English settlers had no right to land unless purchases from Indians

Government officials should devote themselves to government Business and leave religious matters alone

Rhode Island & Roger Williams and the evolution of self rule
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